What's Next For Super Crazy?, Demento's Return, Victoria Pix, Miz, & More

As reported earlier, Super Crazy quit World Wrestling Entertainment because he was frustrated with the way he was being used, or rather, not being used by the company. In an update on him, Super Crazy was in Mexico this past Wednesday meeting with AAA officials. He is looking for a full-time schedule in AAA.

Former WWF wrestler Damian Demento returns to the ring this Saturday for WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz's World of Unpredictable Wrestling promotion at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, New York. Demento posted a video on YouTube regarding his wrestling comeback. However, he will only wrestle if he is allowed to use the Damian Demento name. Rodz isn't too keen on the idea because WWE owns the name and he doesn't want to cause trouble with them. "After Rodz saw me training at Gleasons Gym he asked me to make my comeback match with his organization. I said as long as I use the Damian Demento name. In spite of Rodz telling me I can't use the Demento name because its owned by the WWE, I told Rodz that everybody knows me as Damian Demento, and if the WWE wanted me to go away they wouldnt be showing me on TV, and mocking me in their magazines," Demento said in his YouTube video. "If Rodz decides to stop me from performing because hes afraid of Vince McMahon and his lawyers, then it proves that Rodz is not the man I new when he broke me in the business twenty years ago. Two things we will find out this Saturday: what kind of a man Rodz is, and, if my gut feeling is right, how the WWE will react to my using the Demento name."

In case you missed it, WWE.com has video from The Miz's appearance on Sci Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" on Halloween. You can see footage from his appearance at WWE.com.

Have any of you ever wondered what Gene Snitzy's real-life girlfriend looked like? Did you even know he had one? How about Maria's hot teenage sister. Have you ever seen here? Check out these pics.

WWE.com has posted some brand new photos of SmackDown Diva Victoria.

As we've been reporting, World Wrestling Entertainment is holding an internet pre-sale event for fans looking to purchase tickets to WrestleMania XXV. Here is some additional information regarding today's presale: Wrestlemania XXV tickets in the $755, $250 and $40 price ranges released for today's online pre-sale have sold out for the April 2009 PPV in Houston, Texas. You can see a 3-D mockup of the Reliant Stadium's seating views at https://www.seats3d.com/nfl/houston_texans/.

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