? WWE.com currently has Mike Knox on the RAW and ECW roster pages.

? The pre-sale code for the Smackdown/ECW show on 1/6/09 in Lafayatte, Louisiana is THEGAME.

? GameDaily.com has an interview up with Randy Orton where he talks about using a Wii to help with his collar bone injuries.

? As soon as Gail Kim signed her WWE contract, Lena Yada was finished with the company. Both Vince and Stephanie felt there was no reason to have Yada on the roster since she and Kim “looked too much alike.”

? Natalya Neidhart is now working with both TJ Wilson and Harry Smith at the FCW shows as a manager. Wilson and Smith were a great team as the Stampede Bulldogs before being signed by WWE, but both men had been struggling as singles competitors.