Why WWE Signed Tony Atlas, Backstage News, Heenan Health Update, More

In international touring news, the four shows WWE had in Mexico City last week did a combined $2.5 million, while the three shows in Puerto Rico did $1.2 million combined.

One of the reasons WWE brought Tony Atlas in was not so much to mentor Mark Henry, but to be a good influence on him on the road. Henry often traveled alone and was said to never be a healthy eater. WWE officials were concerned about his weight because when he gets too heavy, he becomes immobile. Atlas, who is in his early 50s, is in fantastic shape due to his strict training schedule and healthy eating habits. By making Atlas his traveling partner, the feeling is he'll keep Henry's weight, eating habits and conditioning under control.

Bobby Heenan has gotten good news. He ha made a solid improvement overall and is in the beginning stages of talking. Heenan can only say a few words at a time as his jaw gets tired if the conversation goes more than a few minutes. He is also fully coherent and has been keeping up with wrestling and baseball during his recovery. Heenan's first grandchild was recently born, and that is said to have become a major motivation for him, not only to stay alive but to be able to talk once again.

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