Smackdown on MyNetwork TV
Taped on 11/11/08 in Manchester England.

[Q1] A video recapped last weeks Jeff Hardy win over Undertaker and the announcement of Hardy vs Triple H tonight with the stipulation that if Hardy wins, it’s a triple threat match at Survivor Series? The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Jim Ross and Tazz welcomed us to Smackdown. The announce team hyped Hardyvs Triple H for later and the Undertaker is going to give Big Show his last rights?

R-Truth did his silly little ring entrance and the announce team plugged the Team Batista vs Team Orton Survivor Series Match?

1. Matt Hardy and R-Truth defeated Shelton Benjamin and Mark Henry w/Tony Atlas at 12:28. Benjamin and R-Truth started off. Truth took control and he and Hardy had some good double teams tagging in and out quickly. They hit a double clothesline to send Benjamin to the floor at 4:00 to go to commercial?[C]

[Q2] Back from commercial and Hardy had Benjamin in an arm bar. He teased a Twist of Fate but Benjamin pushed hit off into Henry who clubbed Hardy. Henry tagged in and worked power moves on Hardy. Hardy tried a sunset flip but Henry held on. Henry tried to sit on his face but Hardy moved. Hot tags on both sides and Truth had a flurry of offense. Henry interfered. Hardy knocked him off the apron into Atlas. Hardy hit a cross body onto the floor. Truth hit the corkscrew elbow and scissor kick for the win?

A video aired for my man crush John Cena. He’s so dreamy. I’m so glad Hermanstyne sent me that autographed picture. The announcers hyped the World Title match between Cena and Chris Jericho?[C]

Back from commercial, the announce team plugged Jeff Hardy vs Triple H for later. Eve interviewed Triple H who was staring at her t–s. He asked her if they were real because they were immaculate. He said they were perfectly shaped and round. He asked if he could touch them. Eve said yes. He held up her pearl necklace and went on about how fabulous they were. He changed the subject to Hardy and Kozlov. He was running them down when Kozlov came up and said Triple H’s days as champion were numbered. He said, “Goodbye King of the Kings.” He walked off and Hunter said, “See Eve, he couldn’t take his eyes off of them either?”

[Q3]Maria was shown talking to a catatonic Festus. She was whining about losing to McCool when Miz and Morrison showed up. Miz basically called her a whore. Morrison said she wasn’t good enough for him. They picked on Festus, Miz even gave him a wet willy, and walked away?[C]

A video recapped Miz and Morrison beating HBK and Rey Mysterio on Raw?A weird cut happened and Festus and Jesse made their way to the ring?

2. The Miz and John Morrison defeated Jesse and Festus at 2:43. The bell rang and Festus beat the hell out of Morrison and tagged in Jesse who immediately got laid out by Morrison. Miz tagged in and worked on Jesse. Jesse got a quick tag and Festus cleaned house. Morrison grabbed the bell and rang it, sending Festus to la la land. Miz hit the Drive By for the win. Post match, Morrison laid out Jesse. They walked up the ramp and rung the bell again. They ran backstage as Festus and Jesse followed?

JR hyped Jeff Hardy vs Triple H next?[C]

The last commercial was for a house show here in Greensboro in December. Big Show vs Undertaker in a cage and Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov for the WWE Title in a Greensboro Street fight. A Greensboro Street fight? Right, because we’re so hard down here?

[Q4]A video package aired showing the WWE in England?Jeff Hardy made his entrance followed by Triple H?

3. Jeff Hardy defeated Triple H at 15:36. Jeff Hardy will face Triple H and Vladimir Kozlove in a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship. Jeff Hardy had his face painted like a Amazon Princess. Strange. He stuck his hand out to start the match. Hunter went to shake it and Hardy kicked him and attacked. Hardy worked on Triple H early. He went for a cross body and Hunter ducked, sending Hardy to the floor?[C]

Back from commercial at 6:30 a replay showed Hunter driving Hardy’s head into the ring post during the commercial. Hunter continued to work on Hardy’s head and back. Hunter limped a little like his quad was messed up again but he hit clothesline for two count. Hunter locked in an abdominal stretch that Hardy fought out of but Hunter went right back to in an ugly spot. Hardy fought out again and got hit with the face buster for a two count.

[Q5] Hardy hit a jaw breaker counter to send both men to the mat. Both men made it back to their feet and Hardy came off the ropes but was hit with the spine buster. Hunter hooked the Pedigree but Hardy counter with a back drop. Hardy barely hit a Whisper in the Wind and then hit it again for a two count. He drove Hunter to the corner and hit the sit down corner dropkick. He threw Hunter to the ropes and Hunter cleared the top rope. Hardy followed Hunter to ringside and rolled him back in, hitting a leg drop for two.

Hardy dropped Hunter face first out of a suplex and tried for the Swanton but missed. Kozlov came to ringside and climbed on the apron. Triple H knocked him down. Hardy charged at Hunter but he ducked and Hardy hit a flip onto Kozlov. Hardy climbed back on the apron and Hunter went to suplex him back in but Hardy reversed into a rollup for the win.

Post match, the entertainers (got the memo Vince) shook hands but Kozlov clotheslined both men. He beat down Hunter. Then he beat down Hardy. And then he beat down Hunter some more?The announce team hyped the last rites of the Big Show for later?[C]

Back from commercial, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel were shown walking backstage. A security guard told them they could not pass. TBK knocked the cup from the security guards hand and gave him a raspberry. Zeke flinched at the guard who jumped back. Primo and Carlito made their way to the ring. TBK and Zeke were next. The Hurrapop said, “I’m not one to criticize dancing, but does Koko B. Ware know you’re doing the bird? I’m just saying.”

[Q6]4. The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson defeated Primo and Carlito at 3:42. Primo and TBK started. Primo tagged in Carlito who got the best on TBK. He scampered back to Zeke who tagged in and took control. Once back in control, Zeke tagged out and TBK worked on Carlito who got a hot tag. Primo cleaned house and went for a cover but Zeke nearly kicked his head off. Carlito came in and Zeke gorilla pressed him over the ropes. Zeke drug TBK to their corner. He climbed out and then tagged in. He hit his finisher on Primo for the win?The team hyped the last rites again?[C]

Another Kizarny vidzarny airedzary. Canzarny wezarny getzarny onwithitzarny? Pleasezarny?A video package recapped the Big Show/Undertaker feud since Cyber Sunday?The announce team recapped all of the Survivor Series matches?

Jeff Hardy was shown backstage tripping balls. He went off on Kozlov and Triple H and then said, and I’m not making this up, “We love, we hate. We die, forever late. In this enigma’s way.”?[C]

[Q7]Back from commercial and MVP made his way to the ring for a match against a local jobber. Looks like MVP gets to keep his signing bonus?

5. James Mason defeated MVP at 1:14. JR pointed out that this was MVP’s last match before Survivor Series and he had to win or return his signing bonus. MVP beat on Mason for 0:45 and then Khali came to ringside. MVP mouthed off to Khali and Mason rolled him up for the win. Post match, MVP took a shot at Khali. He clubbed MVP, knocking him out. The Hurrapop said, “MVP, seriously, I’m running out of things to say. I’m just saying.”?[C]

Back from commercial and the Raw Rebound was CM Punk vs Randy Orton and the resulting melee?The Bella Twins made their way to the ring. W-O-W?

6. Brie and Nikki Bella defeated Natalya and Victoria at 3:43. The hot Bella twin started out against Victoria. She hit one move and then tagged in the other hit Bella twin. OK, Nikki started, Brie was the one who tagged in. Brie b—h slapped Natalya and then the twins tagged in and out quickly and I lost track. Victoria hit the Widow’s Peak but the other twin broke the count at two. Natalya came in and as the ref pushed her out, the twins switched and the new twin rolled up Victoria for the win?

[Q8] The announce team plugged the last rites for the Big Show as next?[C]

Back from commercial and the bells tolled. Undertaker made his TV entrance. I wonder if we’ll get druids Sunday night. When Taker called for the lights, only a spotlight came up on a casket in the ring. There were also funeral wreaths and other flowers in the ring. Take kept his hat and coat on and got a mic. He said that he and Big Show would settle their differences with a casket match. Taker cut an over the top promo on Big Show, saying that when he slams the casket shut on Show, Show’s sins will be paid for.

The lights came on and Show’s music hit and he came out with Chavo pushing Vickie. Taker took his coat and hat off. Show and the Guerreros stopped at ringside. Show said he wasn’t afraid of Taker. He started to talk about the power of his hand and Taker opened the casket. Show faltered and then continued his promo. Taker took a step towards them and the lights went off as the bell tolled. Nice job by the techs. The lights came on and Taker had Vickie by the throat in the ring. She started screaming.

Taker picked her up and placed her in the casket and closed it. You could still hear her screaming. Chavo ordered Show in to save her but Show threw Chavo in the ring. Taker beat on Chavo in the corner and Show jumped in the ring and saved Vickie. He acted like the casket was the grossest thing he had ever touched. Taker Tombstoned Chavo and put him in the casket and closed the lid. Show frowned heavily as the show went off the air?