— WWE superstars who attended the media preview event on Thursday October 30th recently commented on the newest video game for World Wrestling Entertainment, Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. Such superstars who attended the event included Randy Orton, Beth Phoenix & Jack Swagger.

Here are some of the comments the superstars had about the game:

Randy Orton
”I was over in Germany and London, and we had a similar function, and I was able to play the game, and it was amazing,” Orton said.

“The graphics are what jumped out at me. When I saw my ring entrance, it was so realistic. Watching my ring entrance and how close it was to me — just the little things like the way I walk, how my head might bounce left to right, my eyebrow might do a little up and down action — [THQ] hit it to a tee. It was perfect.”

Beth Phoenix

“This is my first time being in a video game. I did get a chance to play it. Actually, it was really cool, and the whole process was really neat for me to get scanned and to have THQ really work closely with us to make the likeness of our characters really, really great.

“I’ll tell you I was really taken a back. It was just really, really cool to see how well they captured all the characters and to see my own for the first time was an amazing experience, one of the great perks of this job.”

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