Angela Fong To WWE Update, Hardy Boys, Cena Speaks On Iraq

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>> Yahoo! Sports has an article on Carolina Panthers running back combination, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, noting WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and ECW Champion Matt Hardy as helping to make possible the tremendous professional bond that has formed between them. The two were brought closer together by their common love for the North Carolina natives and World Wrestling Entertainment.

>> SmackDown Superstar Scotty Goldman has posted an amusing photo of himself relating to a former 1980s WWE Superstar. Visit to see it.

>> has an interview with John Cena, discussing the recent trip to Iraq and the WWE Tribute to the Troops show. Here are some of the highlights:

On the Divas Being the Top Attraction: "I don't care how many championship belts I could bring over there. I could bring fireworks. I could bring anything. Those girls certainly hold the number one spot. They are saints for going over there. They are so beautiful and so great to the troops. And the guys just absolutely love them. They are the superstars on that trip."

On Changes to the Media Coverage of the War: "Well, honestly, it's real positive over there, man. I mean, the biggest drawback is the fact that these guys and gals are doing the same thing everyday. They're just so proud to be making gains and to be making progress. It's visual progress. It's like not running into your friend for a year and then seeing them a year later. You notice the changes right away, if there are any. Going back every December, you can see the changes every single year. Every single year it gets better. And not only can you visibly see the changes, when you hear statistics like casualties down in the division in Camp Liberty by 75%, it just goes to show that it's coming together over there. I don't know. It's a tough situation because you never want to be in conflict. But it's always a positive idea to know that what they're doing over there is actually working."

On What he Brings Back From the Trips: "I think the word has gotten out over there that I'm a little bit of a stooge for military souvenirs because - One thing I always try to get for myself is - a little [key tick] that I have, myself, is a combat fired shell of munitions, whether it be a 762 or 50-caliber, or, you know, whatever I can find that's actually been used. And I kind of fill it with dirt from Iraq. So I got five of those at my house, one for every year that I've been over there, which is kind of something that I take for me."

>> WWE developmental performer Angela Fong is said to have the most potential at this stage of training of any WWE women's wrestler in a quite some time. Fong's athleticism is far and away above any of the women on the current roster, including the likes of Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix or former WWE Diva Trish Stratus, who were accomplished athletes before joining the wrestling business. Although it should be noted that Fong is a former gymnast and cheerleader. Fong is said to be significantly better at the same stage of training as Gail Kim was, not to mention actually significantly better athletically that Kim even is now. With that being said, Fong is by no means close to ready for television matches in WWE, although she has started getting feet wet in Florida Championship Wrestling after starting out as a manager. Fong's pure athleticism is said to be on the level of the top Japanese women's wrestlers, and she does things like bridging out of pins and moves reminiscent of that style and era. Fong, now simply going under the name Miss Angela in FCW, tried out for the 2007 WWE Diva Search, but didn't make the final cut. WWE would later sign Fong to a developmental contract in February 2008.

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