Anti-Cena Signs Confiscated, Kane DVD Note, & More News Inside

At Monday's Raw in Toronto, two anti-Cena signs were quite visible on camera when Cena himself got on the mic to introduce the returning Trish Stratus as his tag team partner for his match with Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix. The signs read "Cuck Fena" and "We've Cena 'Nuff!" - which was held up a few moments later. Both signs were held up by the same person, and quickly confiscated by security.

As recently as a few months ago - and definitely a few years ago when WWE marketed products featuring catchy slogans such as "Ruck Fules!", "Blow me ... Into the Stratusphere!", "APA - Always Pounding Ass", and "Wine me, Dine me, 619 me!" - both signs would have passed through, but that's not the case anymore due to the company's new-found kid-friendly directive, as well as WWE becoming more meticulous over what appears on-air.

As noted earlier, Jim Ross talked about the confiscated fan signs in his most recent blog and said those types of signs are not going to pass through in this day and age. Ross wrote: "As I have said many times, I am all for freedom of speech unless it crosses the line in the form of signs that essentially profanely scream, "please look at me." The "Cuck Fena" sign that was wisely confiscated in Toronto is a good example of crossing the line. It's akin to the "Tuck Fexas" shirt some here in Oklahoma wear. Bad taste...not cool. There was a time when that sort of material was actually encouraged and marketed in the WWE but that attitudinal ship has sailed."

Just to note, there is always a guy on a headset sitting by the announcers, and he is the person in charge of directing security to confiscate questionable fan signs, at least upon hearing from the people in the production truck. Sometimes he'll even get out of his chair and confiscate the questionable fan signs himself.

In its first week out, the three-disc DVD-set on Kane, The Twisted, Disturbed Life Of Kane, finished in second place on Billboard's Video Sales - Recreational Sports DVD chart. The DVD on the 2008 World Series featuring the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays beat out the Kane DVD for the top spot. Apparently in light of Jeff Hardy's title win at Armageddon, there was renewed interest in the Twist Of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story DVD set. The DVD made its return to the chart after several months at No. 7. WWE DVD releases on Eddie Guerrero (No. 4), Hell in the Cell (No. 5), and the history of the Intercontinental Championship (No. 6) also ranked on the chart.

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