Conflicting iMPACT! Reports, Wrestlers Attend 'The Wrestler' Premiere

There are some conflicting reports in regards to the status of the proposed "TNA iMPACT! 2" video game title from Midway Games, which is the sequel to the first game released this past September. As reported yesterday, Midway has been hit with some severe financial issues and were forced to shut down studios in Austin, TX, while employees from branches in Chicago and San Diego were expected to be let go soon. We can now report that TNA sources have also confirmed that they were informed by Midway that the second TNA release would not be affected by the changes taking place internally within Midway.

The TNA Christmas party Monday night was described as "a really fun time".

Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, Greg Valentine, Roddy Piper, Brutus Beefcake and Ernest Miller were among the wrestlers who attended Tuesday night's premiere of "The Wrestler" at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills. Celebrities in attendance included 50 Cent, Jared Leto, Masiela Lusha, Matthew Perry, John McGinley along with the stars of the movie Mickey Rourke, Marissa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood. Before the screening started, Darren Aronofsky introduced the actors to the audience and explained how he did not set out to make a movie celebrating the "sport of wrestling", but that it just came together that way and he has a lot of respect for the craft. Aronofsky introduced most of the wrestlers in attendance as well.

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