Lex Luger Walking On His Own, Punk's Tattoo's, R-Truth/WWE, More

CM Punk appeared on The Pain Clinic radio show last week. CM Punk joined the show and talks about the Tribute to the Troops. Wease asks him about the CM moniker and what it means. Punk talks about this being his second trip to Iraq and how it was different this time around. Wease's producer Anthony asks Punk about his straight-edge character. Punk talks about the length of the flight to Iraq. Punk gives his thoughts on wrestling radio shows and the internet. Wease talks about him being from Chicago and the Governor's problems. Anthony asks why the Tribute to the Troops is on NBC this years. Wease's co-host Lilly (formerly of Ron & Fez) tells him he looks like Chris Angel. Lilly said that he must get all the playmates and Punk said playmates are over rated Lilly asks him if he likes fake boobs or real ones and Punk said real ones and girls with brains. Punk talks about the Armageddon PPV in Buffalo. Punk talks about the movie "The Wrestler". Murph asks Punk about the worst thing about being on the indy circuit. He said he loved many things about Indies. Punk said people say he looks like Christian Bale. Wease's daughter Diane comes on and asks Punk about his tattoos. Wease talks about his tattoo parlor In Rochester and all the famous folks they have tattooed including Thea Vidale, a.k.a. Mama Benjamin. Punk takes a call about his match at Armageddon with Rey and the GTS move that bloodied Rey's nose. He has to go soon afterwards. Check out the show at www.feelthepain.net.

HipHopDX.com has a brief interview with SmackDown Superstar R-Truth talking about WWE's sixth annual Tribute To The Troops special. He talked about the significance and tradition of the event. "It's something that if you've never experienced, it is something that needs to be experienced," R-Truth said. "It's awesome, it's compelling something that you could hardly explain. The troops are there, and they are so pumped up, so day to day visiting the hospital, going from the different camps, seeing the smiles and excitement and interviews, and they were very excited to see us come there. It's just a love that was given both ways, from us to them and also from them back to us."

Lex Luger was able to attend the movie premiere of "The Wrestler" this past Tuesday in Los Angeles. After suffering a nerve impingement in his neck that led to temporary paralysis last year, Luger is now able to walk on his own with the aid of a cane. Luger was flown in to take part in a roundtable discussion with Diamond Dallas Page, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine regarding issues in wrestling. The discussion will be seen on the Fox Searchlight "The Wrestler" website (www.foxsearchlight.com/thewrestler) in the near future. Mickey Rourke stated in a recent interview that he patterned his wrestler look for the movie after Luger, which should explain why the former WCW Champion was flown in. DDP has posted a new message on his website talking about the roundtable discussion, attending "The Wrestler" premiere, seeing Luger, and more. There's also photos from his recent encounters, including ones with Luger, whose down to around 170 pounds these days. In his next message, he plans on writing about how Luger's doing these days. You can read his latest message at https://ddpbang.com/msg2008/12.20.2008/index.html

The RCA Dome in Indianapolis, home of WrestleMania VIII when it was called the Hoosier Dome, was demolished yesterday morning. The NFL's Indianapolis Colts moved into a new stadium this season, and the former stadium was demolished to make room for expanding a convention center. WrestleMania VIII featured a star-studded lineup of Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice, Ric Flair vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper as the top matches, as well as the return of the Ultimate Warrior, the WWF debuts of Lex Luger & Paul Ellering, and the final major WWF appearance by Miss Elizabeth.

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