More On Regal/RAW, Maryse's French TKO, Big Daddy V's Firing

>> As noted earlier here on the website, the word among the wrestlers is that WWE Intercontinental champion William Regal would miss this week's show due to his recent illness, but he arrived this morning in Philadelphia and is backstage at Raw. Regal wasn't on a scheduled flight last night with other talent coming in from the Georgia area as was originally planned. Regal did not appear on last week's show due to the illness. (Source:

>> SmackDown Diva Maryse has a blog asking fans what they think of her new finishing maneuver - a heel kick - which she is calling the "french tk0" (although properly spelled as "French TKO"). Maryse wrote in her trademark broken English: "I would love to hear what my fans think of my new move ( french tk0) ..... remember that kick that Beth Pheonix got behind the head at Survivor series, yes it was me performing my amazing kick! I cant wait to face Michelle Mc cool and give her a taste of my french tk0.... stay tune."

>> Under the Ring has an interview with former ECW Superstar Big Daddy V, who talks about his release from the company this past August. He claims his doctor led to his firing from WWE. Reportedly, it was due to issues with his weight. "Actually, the way I got released from the company this last time, it was a blessing in disguise. My doctor really got me fired," Big Daddy V said. "Basically, my doctor and basically all doctors think that wrestlers are idiots for what we do for a living. He just basically shared his opinion on me and wrestling and WWE was forced to release me. They wanted me to go out and wrestle and make sure I was OK and then they were going to bring me back."

On the plus side, Hollywood came calling as he was contacted by them the day following his release. He just finished filming his role in the upcoming movie 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus. "It's a spoof movie of Troy and 300," V says. "I have another project coming up with Nicolas Cage called Kick Ass. I'm moving on to the big screen and I'm real happy about it."

Regarding his character in 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, V said, "My character's name is Ginormous. It's one of the biggest, baddest warriors that has ever lived, in the movie. It's very entertaining and fun. There's two of the biggest armies going against each other and they have their like, ultimate warrior. And I'm one and Awesomest Maximus is the other. It's very good. My lines will definitely make people laugh and I want everybody that's reading this article to go see that movie. It will be out in the top of 2009."

Despite his acting aspirations, he still hopes to return to WWE one day. Wrestling is in his blood and he is addicted to it. He's taking up acting now because it's a good opportunity and he wants to seize it while he can. He was never able to take up acting in the past due to his wrestling schedule. "The very next day, Hollywood called me. Now, I'm focusing on one thing. My ultimate dream was to become an actor. I'm going to concentrate on that for at least another couple of years before I go back to WWE. Of course, I'll go back. You know what I mean? That's my home. I'll go back eventually."

Big Daddy V also talks about growing up, getting into wrestling, his most memorable opponents, and more. You can read the interview in its entirety at

>> The WWE site has posted additional photos from ring announcer Lilian Garcia's bikini shoot during a stop in Puerto Rico a few months ago.

>> has an article on the WWE Superstars' trip to Iraq this past week. For the sixth year in a row, the Superstars and Divas of the WWE visited the troops overseas and put on a show specifically for them which will air on Saturday, December 20 on NBC. Last Friday, hundreds of service men and women gathered in Camp Victory in Baghdad to see the WWE live.

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