>> The Miami Herald has an article on TNA Knockout ODB. She discusses watching wrestling as a child, entering the business, the Knockouts Division, working in Ohio Valley Wrestling, what goals she hopes to achieve, and more. ODB thought TNA wasn’t going to keep her around following her return to the promotion in October 2007. “At first, I don’t think [TNA] was going to keep me around,” she said. “They were starting a women’s division, but I think they had no idea who they were going to keep. I think they were surprised [at the crowd reaction] for me. I was surprised too.”

ODB also commented on her surprising success in TNA. “I didn’t expect the big push,” she said. “I think TNA wanted to see how it went, and it took off. People wanted to see us, and we can wrestle. People went nuts. It was something they hadn’t seen before.” ODB also commented on her wrestling character. “ODB is basically me with the volume turned up a lot obviously,” she said. “Throughout the years, you got to just find yourself as a character. I was very shy, quiet, when I first started. Actually, I am still kind of quiet . . . sometimes.”

>> Samoa Joe and his wife celebrated the birth of their first child yesterday. The couple had a healthy baby boy.

>> Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian and Tracy Brooks (Brookshaw) were recent engaged. Brooks noted the change in relationship status from single to engaged on her Facebook page. She also sent a message to her fans tonight. “Tracy is wishing everyone a very happy holiday and yes i am engaged!!!!! best christmas present ive ever received..love you frankie.”