WWE did not air a follow-up vignette featuring a new mysterious character on last week’s episode of SmackDown, who is of course WWE developmental wrestler Hade Vansen. It was no accident, as the character has already been scrapped, reports PWInsider.com.

WWE originally had plans for Vansen to be involved in an angle with Undertaker. Following the initial promo on the 12/12 SmackDown, Vince McMahon pulled the plug on the proposed angle. McMahon doesn’t want new talent from developmental getting involved in major angles before they can be tested. I believe Vansen has yet to even work a single match before a WWE crowd, including dark matches and house show events.

SmackDown writer Michael Hayes brainstormed the character as he wanted a new opponent for Undertaker to work with. As a result of McMahon’s decision, two other characters planned for the storyline have been dropped as well.

Kevin Thorn and the large, masked WWE developmental wrestler Black Pain were going to be associated with the Vansen character in some form. Both Thorn and Black Pain were brought to last week’s television tapings and informed their new characters and direction were being scrapped.

WWE’s original plans called for the creation of a dark character with cult-esque overtones, similar to TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels’ former “Fallen Angel” persona.

Vansen was signed to a WWE developmental deal in May 2007 following a tryout during a European tour. He missed most of the past year following a knee injury, and returned to action a few weeks ago at Florida Championship Wrestling. Black Pain was signed to a developmental deal earlier this year out of the World Wrestling Council promotion in Puerto Rico. Thorn has not appeared on WWE television in over a year. In the meantime, he’s been appearing on Florida Championship Wrestling shows every now and then.