TNA Final Resolution: Backstage With Sharmell & TBP


Backstage with Lauren who's with Sharmell and the Beautiful People (including Cute Kip). She asks her about losing her locker room, she says she'll deal with that. Sharmell says that underneath all her beauty that she's about as ghetto as ghetto gets. She cuts a gangsta girl promo and walks off. Velvet Sky talks about all the cellulite in the girl's locker room. She cuts a heel promo, saying that they do bad things to bad people but she says they never start anything but take out the trash that 'they' put in the ring with 'us'. Sky tells Roxxi and Taylor Wilde they are so over beating the ugly out of them. She says the only reason they accepted this match is because the Beautiful People wanted another crib. Angelina Love says that they only know you can only have one of something. They thank Booker in advance for his locker room. Love says that the Beautiful People can never have enough real estate. Love says that they own everything and that's why the economy is so bad. Love gets a phone call by someone that she calls governor. She tells whoever is on the phone that they can come to the Impact Zone and to call her when they land.

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