TNA Talent Cuts Coming?, Worried Stars Contact Konnan?, Backstage News is reporting that former TNA star Rellik (a.k.a. Johnny Stamboli) recently started in the AAA promotion in Mexico. He is said to be having trouble getting his act over with the Mexican audience, which probably doesn't bode well for him. is also reporting that there have been rumors of undercard cuts in TNA. Several people in the company in the last month or two have been talking about next Spring when a number of TNA deals are up. A lot of guys are talking about wanting to get out of the company but the leverage TNA has on them is that for some, there is nowhere for them to go.

Also according to, several wrestlers have contacted Konnan with the AAA promotion in Mexico but AAA already has a group of foreigners and there isn't room for too many more. Unless it's a big name and they were willing to work relatively cheap, AAA would want the talents to be based in Mexico City and a lot of people aren't interested in that commitment. Japan is a dead end as far as earning a full-time living goes for most guys. A lot of guys are expected to see if there will be a job waiting for them with WWE.

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