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The AAA promotion out of Mexico fired former TNA wrestler Rellik (Jon Hugger, a.k.a. Johnny Stamboli) on New Year's Eve. His character failed to get over with the Mexican audience. "He didn't make the cut" was the official term given regarding his release from the company from head AAA official Dorian Roldan. Hugger's constant demands also factored into his release from the company. Teddy Hart makes constant demands too, but they put up with him because he's considered to be more talented whereas Rellik didn't get that pass. Hugger had been pushing for AAA to pay for an apartment in Mexico City so he could move out of living in a hotel. AAA doesn't book apartments for wrestlers unless they are convinced they are going to last in the promotion. Hugger also asked for a raise and told Roldan that CMLL and Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak) are making offers for him to jump as leverage. Hugger no-showed a show in Tijuana a few days earlier, as him asking for a raise was the final straw.

Hector Garza is expected back in a few weeks, he recently had arthroscopic knee surgery.

Blue Demon Jr. has stated that there have been talks between CMLL and the NWA, which could see the two entities work together. If all goes well, the NWA would allow the Light Heavyweight, Middleweight and Welterweight titles to remain with the CMLL promotion, in exchange for CMLL allowing the champions to defend those titles on NWA promoted shows.

With the Los Perros Del Mal leaving the promotion, CMLL is trying to strengthen up the heel side; Sangre Azteca, Black Warrior and Dragon Rojo are forming a heel trio called El Poder Mexica.

Juventud Guerrera is opening up a wrestling school in Mexico City. The instructors will be his father, Solar, Negro Navarro and Skayde.