TNA Genesis: Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle (Updated)

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

The match starts before they even bring up the lights with Kurt Angle going to his back first. Angle spits out his mouth piece off stiff shots from Jarrett. Jarrett sends Angle into the turnbuckles.

Angle starts to counter, sending Jarrett off the ropes into a sleeper. Low blow counter from Jarrett as he puts Angle on his shoulders. This is a no disqualification match as Jarrett sends Angle to the outside. Right in the middle of the match, they go split screen where Rhino is backstage tearing apart the locker room. In the arena, Jarrett sends Angle into the guard rail. Jarrett sends Angle into the guard rail and throws a beer at him that he got from a fan at ringside. Jarrett rolls Angle back in the ring. Angle knockouts Jarrett off the apron when he was trying to get back in, causing him to land on the steel guard rail.

Angle slams Jarrett's head down on the steel ring steps. Angle rolls Jarrett back into the ring. The crowd is into the match. Angle connects on a quick snap suplex for a cover. Angle stomps the face of Jarrett in the ring. Angle takes down Jarrett and gets a two count. Angle locks in a sleeper on Jarret in the middle of the ring. The referee checks for submission. Angle wrenches back on the hold, wearing down Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett gets back to his feet, backing Angle down with elbows. A couple of counters are exchanged as Angle hits a belly-to-belly release suplex. Angle gets a two count. Angle has Jarrett in a sleeper on the mat. Jarrett finally get back to a vertical base and backs Angle down with elbows. Angle counters and goes for the Olympic Slam but Jarrett counters with a deep arm drag. Jarrett sends Angle over the top rope in an insane spot. Suicide dive from Jarrett onto Angle over the top rope. Jarrett and Angle fight on the outside. Angle sends Jarrett into West and Tenay at the broadcast position.

Angle clocks Jeff Jarrett with the ring bell. The referee shouts at him on the ramp as Jarrett is busted open. Angle hits Jarrett very stiff with right hands and slams his head into the announce table. Angle kicks Jarrett in the face, he's bleeding bad. Right hands from Angle onto Jarrett up the ramp. Jarrett counters with a DDT. Jarrett has blood everywhere as he's wearing a crimson mask. Jarrett works with Angle at the top of the entrance with stiff rights. It looks like Angle is busted open now as well. Jarrett knocks Angle off the stage but Angle gets back on. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Jarrett off the stage through a table onto concrete. Insane spot.

Jarrett and Angle are both crawling around as Angle tries to crawl back to the ring, spitting out of his mouth. Jarrett gets up to his feet but Angle is still crawling at ringside. Angle gets back into the ring, followed by Jarrett. They both get to their feet and exchange right hands. Blow after blow, neither lets the other get an edge. They go off the ropes, intensifying their shots. Two make it three clotheslines from Jarrett followed by a double underhook DDT. Two count for Jarrett. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but Angle counters with the ankle lock. It's locked in as Jarrett goes for the ropes. Kurt pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Jarrett is finally able to roll through the hold, sending Kurt to the outside. Kurt goes for a chair and gets back in the ring with it. Jarrett ducks it and lands a dropkick on the chair to Angle's face. Stroke from Jarrett as he only gets a two count! Jarrett puts Kurt up on the top turnbuckle, he's going for a superplex. Angle fights it off and pushes Jarrett back down to the mat. Dropkick off the top from Angle onto Jarrett. Angle Slam and a two count on Jarrett! Angle takes the straps to his singlet down and goes back for the ankle lock. Jarrett kicks him away, Angle goes shoulder first at Jarrett but Jarrett counters. Jarrett has a guitar in his hand as the crowd pops. Angle hits a low blow which causes Jarrett to drop the guitar.

Angle now has the guitar, he grabs the chair as well. He holds the guitar up then the chair – the crowd wants the guitar but Angle uses the chair in true heel-like fashion. Stiff chair shot from Angle on Jarrett for a two count. Angle grabs the referee by his throat. He turns around and Jarrett kicks him, Angle locks in the ankle lock. Ankle lock is applied on Jarrett as he goes for the ropes. Jarrett rolls through the hold again for a two count. Angle lifts Jarrett up but Jarrett counters with a DDT. Jarrett picks up his guitar that's already busted. He throws it down and grabs the steel chair. Angle gets to his feet and eats a chair shot. Jarrett gets a two count on Angle but there is a quick reversal and Angle gets the pinfall victory.

Winner – Kurt Angle