Note from Ryan Clark: I can honestly say that today (Friday) has been one of the busiest news days here on the site all year. This includes during the WrestleMania period where things got and always do get extremely busy. I have not left this computer since about 9:30AM this morning and skipped through lunch and dinner today! What a day, huh? Stay tuned next week as we’ll have full updates on all the releases and what exactly went down at Titan Towers over the last few days. We’ve got a ton of stuff that has not been posted yet that we’ll be putting up. It’s a pretty wild situation up in Stamford. We’ll also have all the news leading you into WrestleMania 25 and the post-PPV news. This is always a busy period here on the site so stay tuned!

The word going around today is that with the WWE downsizing their staff, Vince McMahon’s two limousine drivers have been let go by the company. (Source:

Kevin Thorn made the following statement, on the WWE Universe Website, regarding his release: THIS IS NOT GOODBYE, ITS ONLY A NEW BEGINNING!!! LIVE LIKE YOU ARE IMMORTAL!!! PROMISE YOU WILL CARRY ON AND KNOW THAT ,I WILL SEE YOU SOON!!! BROTHERHOOD-The quality of having fellowship, all those engaged in a particular passion or common interest or quality. THE BELIEF THAT ALL PEOPLE SHOULD ACT WITH WARMTH AND EQUALITY TOWARD ONE ANOTHER. REGARDLESS OF DIFFERENCES IN RACE, CREED, NATIONALITY, ETC… Brothers and Sisters Live free and without fear knowing you are part of a family that no matter what excepts you for you. Stand tall knowing that your brothers and sisters will be here to catch you if you fall. LIVE LIKE YOU ARE IMMORTAL!!! Enjoy the life because you are free and believe the fact that it is OK to just be YOU!! PROTECT WHO YOU ARE, NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE YOU. FOR THE BROTHERHOOD IS HERE TO BACK YOU UP AND HELP YOU STAND TALL AND WALK PROUD!! FOR YOU ARE MY BLOOD AND I AM YOUR VESSEL. TOGETHER WE MAKE A BEATING HEART AND TOGETHER WE WILL STAND TALL AND WALK WITH OUR HEADS HELD HIGH. FOR OUR DAY HAS COME!! A Brother. Your Brother, Thorn HAPPY TRAILS, TILL WE MEET AGAIN Note from Ryan Clark: This may be a first. A fired WWE star posting a statement on a website ran by the company that fired him just hours earlier?!?