For replays of Raw last week, WWE went out of there to completely change the camera angle for the point of the show in which John Cena is on the mic getting ready to introduce his tag team partner as Trish Stratus. If you recall, you could see a fan holding up a "Cuck Fena" in the background pretty much the entire time Cena was talking. At the end of the his spiel, the very same fan held up a "We've Cena 'Nuff" sign as well. Both signs were soon confiscated by security. For replays of last week's show, WWE was so dead-set on those signs not appearing again, they spliced in a camera angle they almost never use when a wrestler's in the middle of a match or promo. You can see a screencap of the awkward-looking camera angle they used at

According to a few readers in the UK, two segments were cut out of last week's broadcast of Friday Night SmackDown on Sky Sports. They cut out the part in which Mr. Kennedy came out on the ramp plugging his upcoming film, Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia, while mocking MVP for losing once again. They also cut out the part of Vladimir Kozlov heading down to the ring in the backstage area before the commercial break, which aired directly after Kennedy's spiel. The other segment cut out was a vignette promoting Kizarny's debut on SmackDown on the following week's show. This was likely due to scenes featured in the vignette such as as a man swallowing a sword, another man apparently eating fire, and Kizarny putting his hand in a mouse trap. Sky Sports has strict programming guidelines which WWE must follow, so some segments get cut out as a result.

Santino Marella is featured in the latest edition of "Mind Over Matters" on, which is a fun matching game where fans try to direct his quote with the subject he was talking about.