Backstage Update On Dutt's TNA Firing, SD!, ECW, LOWM

Last week, a playable demo for the upcoming "Legends of WrestleMania" video game was set to be released on XBOX Live and the Playstation Store. reports that the demo was only released for XBOX 360 last week with PS3 fans still left waiting. When asked to comment on what happened, THQ and Sony didn't have much to say. "The demo will be available next week," a THQ representative said. "We apologize for the unexpected delay." A Sony representative was quoted saying, "The WWE Legends of WrestleMania demo is scheduled to release this week on PlayStation Store." The demo features playable matches between Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant (WM3) and Stone Cold vs. The Rock (WM15). The game hits stores later this month on 3/24.

WWE will be returning to the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a SmackDown/ECW taping on June 23, 2009. Tickets go on sale on Friday, April 17th at 10:00 a.m.

The reaction to Sonjay Dutt being let go by TNA was said to be very similar to the reaction to Petey Williams being cut as many felt Dutt worked hard, always had a good match and was never a problem backstage reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The entire situation with Dutt was described as being very strange as he was talked about on a regular basis among creative and with nothing negative brought up based on what is known. It should be noted that Terry Taylor offered him a new three-year contract with the company verbally between the last TNA TV tapings and he agreed to it. He was scheduled to sign the new deal on February 23 and then a few days before that Taylor called him saying there was a change of plans and the offer was pulled.

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