Condolence Messages From Test's Father and Shelly Martinez

More people have commented on the tragic passing of Andrew "Test" Martin, including his father Bob Martin and former WWE/TNA Diva Shelly Martinez.

His father told the Durham News that "He always said, 'Dad, I will never live as long as you' He just loved the lifestyle, but he knew it was taking its toll on him."

Shelly Martinez posted a blog, saying "Before I end this weeks blog I would like to take a moment and say something. I am sure all of you (or some) know that this past weekend Andrew "Test" Martin past away. I use to travel with Andrew and though we butted heads a time or two I have memories that I always look fondly back on. Before his passing I would think of times on the road or share stories and he was part of a lot of them. It's funny. He and Kelly Kelly were "secretly" together when I traveled with them. I was supposed to be the third wheel that throws the boys off on what they were doing. Well, the boys started to spread rumors that the three of us had a thing. LOL The night before he past I was walking to the store with Vinny and it was quite the chilly night here in LA. If you know me you know I am ALWAYS cold. When we were walking I said "Vinny thanks for not giving me a hard time when I walk around with my blanket." He said "Well, you're cold so no biggie" then I started to tell him a story about how Andrew use to get so urked by me taking my Marilyn Monroe blanket with me in the airport, dinner, in the car, at the shows haha man I'm cold whadda want from me?? Anywho, one day he finally said "Shelly I think you freak people out with that thing." I had never really spoken to Vinny about my Andrew stories so when I woke up the next day and found out about his passing I was so shocked. I kept saying all day "I was JUST talking about him last night." My prayers are with Andrew, his family and his loved ones. May he look down on Babs and watch over her always. Bumble Bee I know this all hurts but he will always be with you. I love you girl!!"

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