Debra/WrestleMania 25 Update, Latest On TNA, & More News

Here are some of the highlights of Debra's interview with the Monday Night Mayhem radio show, provided by Mayhem listener, Patterson from New Jersey:

Debra was welcomed by The Big Mosh & Blade as part of the fan's interactive campaign, which has been launched to reunite the former WWE Women's Champion/WWE Diva with her most-notable superstar she managed, "The King Of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett. The Mayhem Crew started things out by asking Debra herself the chances of seeing herself a part of the TNA roster this spring/summer & aligning herself with "Double J" once again. "You know how wrestling is, you never know." The most-prevalent question that The Mayhem's listening audience & The Mayhem Nation wanted to know was if Debra is still very close with Jeff, why doesn't she call him directly, & speed up the process along. "He & I are friends, but we know how wrestling works, and the fans would love to be part of something like this." She also believes that when the fans are part of a movement, it's more exciting for them & more positive energy in it.
Mosh asked Debra how unique it would feel to reunite with some of her former WCW colleagues like Kevin Nash, Booker T, & Scott Steiner now, since they all worked together previously during the now-infamous "Monday Night Wars." She thinks it would be a very comfortable fit for her. "It would be like working with my brothers, I know these guys so well."

The "armchair quarterbacks" that exist online are always comparing the WWE product to that of TNA. With Debra having the chance to work in World Championship Wrestling & World Wrestling Entertainment at a time when two companies were succeeding/thriving & making money, can there be a second viable option for the competition aspect of the business, especially in today's hard-hit economy? Debra was very open with her response on the possibilities of seeing TNA compete with the WWE in a small or large fashion: "I think competition is healthy, because it gives the fans something more to look at, and everything is not controlled by the same person."

Fans across the globe will witness the first ever "Miss WrestleMania" crowned at WrestleMania XXV on Sunday, April 5th. There has been plenty of internet speculation which former WWE Divas will be joining this Battle Royal (such as Tammy "Sunny" Sytch & Torrie Wilson), as well as which ones have turned down the WWE's invitation (Wendi Richter & Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald). Debra is going to be a part of Booker T's "Legends Of Wrestling" Fan Fest the afternoon before, but there has been no confirmation of Debra's appearance at "The Showcase Of The Immortals." Debra told Mosh & Blade that she "would have loved to be there," but simply put, the WWE never contacted her to be a part of the Battle Royal.

The role of women in the wrestling industry has indeed evolved over the past decade, from managers/valets to Divas (WWE) & Knockouts (TNA). Debra said that during her run in the WWE, there was more of an "individual type of Diva," feel to the earlier crop of Divas (like herself & Joanie "Chyna" Laurer), where as now all of the women are the same type & grouped into the collective term of "Divas" as an entity. Debra honestly believes though, that the hard work & determination of such women as Sunny & Trish Stratus will pay off, and that she very well could see the both of them (and potentially several others) join The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, & "Sensational" Sherri Martel in the WWE Hall Of Fame...sooner vs. later -- and even within the next few years.

Debra's ex-husband & former WWE Champion, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is going to be headlining next weekend's WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremonies (Class of 2009), and Debra has been in the spotlight of the media over the past several years after her divorce from Steve. Mosh & Blade asked Debra for her thoughts on his induction, whether or not he deserves this accolade, & if she has been in contact with him since his HOF announcement was made: "It's been a while since I've spoken with Steve, but one thing I know is that he is a very talented entertainer." She went on to say that they mixed their personal & business paths together, and that made it hard on the both of them. Debra did wish to add that Steve is an amazing/talented wrestler, and that she "is happy for him, because he worked for everything he achieved."

The internet/world-wide-web has truly changed the landscape of the world over the past ten years, including the world of professional wrestling. Blade mentioned that with how prevalent the internet is today in the business, you can virtually get anything online. Debra agreed with Blade, saying that the "surprise factor" in wrestling is not there anymore & has changed from her start in WWE to today's scene in 2009. "I think maybe that is what they are missing total surprise, because that is what fans love...It's so addictive...You wonder what's gonna' happen, and then something else happens."

Hard to believe, but we are approaching the The ten-year anniversary of the shocking & unfortunate passing of former WWE superstar, Owen Hart. As many fans know, Debra had the chance to manage both Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart together during the WWE World Tag Team Title run. Mosh asked Debra if Owen were alive today, if she would have seen him still involved in the business. Debra said that she remembers Owen very fondly, and spent a lot of time with him -- especially during the weekend of the "Over The Edge" PPV & leading into the night of his tragic death. She remembers how much fun she had with him, and his memory is not far from her thoughts. Debra went on-record saying that she would not have known if Owen would have played a part in today's business, as he was very close with his family & would have wanted to spend more time with them in the process.

In closing, Debra wanted to thank her fans & The Mayhem Nation for all their support over the past several years & especially throughout the month of March as part of this fan-driven "TNA movement." "I am so thankful for the support, and I think all the fans should get together...and that way, they could (with their voice) bring me back to TNA."

More is contained is this 45-minute interview with "Queen" Debra, including her uncensored thoughts & takes on the major differences between the WWE Divas & the TNA Knockouts (and how her business-sense & strong female presence can be a vital addition to the Knockouts locker room), how often she hears the term "puppies" thrown her way, why she would like to see both Eric Bischoff & Paul Heyman joining forces with TNA, certain individuals within the wrestling industry being "two-faced," her thoughts on the WWE/WCW "Invasion" from 2001 (and what could have been done to make the angle have some staying power), any regrets she has from the wrestling business, her candid thoughts about the death of Andrew "Test" Martin (and why she was "shocked" over the loss of her former WWE travel partner), the latest on the release of her forthcoming movie, "Gathering Of Heroes: Legend Of The Seven Swords," & much more..

The Mayhem strongly encourages all of its fans to check out Debra's MySpace page (located at, or check her out on Facebook. Promoters: Now is your chance to book the lovely & talented Debra! Contact her agent, Marvin Ward at [email protected] And, of course, e-mail the TNA offices @ [email protected], and let TNA President, Dixie Carter & Jeff Jarrett know that professional wrestling can indeed come full circle. And fans that are headed to Philadelphia for the Lockdown PPV weekend (including the TNA Interaction Fan Fest): Bring your signs...and your voices. Let's continue the fan movement to make Debra part of TNA in 2009!

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