The passing of Andrew “Test” Martin has gotten some local news coverage in the Florida area this morning.

Channel 13 Brighthouse News in Central Florida has a brief item up on his passing, noting a neighbor called the police when she saw him in his apartment not moving for several hours. That story is at

The local Fox affiliate in Tampa Bay has an item up with most of the same information that Channel 13 has. This articles also notes the history of wrestlers passing away in the Tampa Bay area, including Bam Bam Bigelow, Mike Awesome, Brian Adams, and Curt Hennig. This story is at

The Tampa Tribune’s story makes note of his recent wrestling activity and his DUI arrest last year.,,, etc. all have yet to pick up the story.

Martin was just three ways shy of his 34th birthday. That’s just way too early to die. We once again send out condolences to the Martin family during this difficult time.