Former Star Involved In Multiple Bank Robbery Attempts

Former wrestling star Jeff Gaylord was recently arrested in connection with a January 14, 2009 bank robbery at a U.S. Bank in Monument, Colorado as well as an attempted robbery at a branch in Castle Rock on December 22, 2008. In both cases he entered the banks with a disguise on, but following the second encounter, witnesses got a hold of his license plate number, leading officers to his home. Authorities arrested the former wrestling star at his residence the next day following a two-hour interrogation.

Gaylord was spotted entering the Castle Rock branch a second time on New Year's Eve, but left the area when approached by a store employee.

The former wrestling star reportedly told investigators his crime spree was driven by "personal economic conditions."

These were not Gaylord's first bank robbery attempts. In October 2001, he entered a bank in Aurora, Colorado, approached a teller, and demanded money. Believing he had a gun, the teller removed more than five thousand dollars from his drawer and placed it on the counter, which the former wrestling star took. Four months later, Gaylord entered the same bank and committed an identical robbery. He pled guilty to two counts of committing bank robbery.

Gaylord was the prototypical 1980s wrestling star as he was a massive, muscle-bound wrestler complete with a mullet and limited wrestling ability. He wrestled from 1985 through 1997, competing in a number of regional and independent promotions in North America including the Universal Wrestling Federation, World Class Championship Wrestling and the United States Wrestling Association.

Despite his hulking physique (6-foot 3-inches tall and 250 to 280 pounds of solid muscle), he never managed to land a full-time job with the World Wrestling Federation or World Championship Wrestling?which should be probably be an indication of his talent. However, he made a pay-per-view appearance at the WWF's 1993 Survivor Series as The Black Knight (along with Barry Horowitz as The Red Knight & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine as The Blue Knight) against the famed Hart family. Gaylord was pinned by Owen Hart, becoming the first man eliminated.

Although originally scheduled to be captained by Jerry "The King" Lawler, Shawn Michaels was named as a last minute replacement due to Lawler's legal problems preventing him from appearing at the pay-per-view. At the time, Lawler was indicted for raping and sodomizing a 15-year-old girl, who later admitted she had lied about the incident.