Lashley's Big Fight Tonight, ROH Injury Update, J.R On Drugs/Draft

Bobby Lashley's big MMA fight is tonight. Lashley will face Jason Guida, the brother of UFC star Clay Guida. Live coverage will begin on at 8EST tonight.

ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness will work tonight's ROH Seventh Anniversary show and defend the ROH World Title against KENTA.

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog at, here are the highlights:

On Discussing Drug Abuse in Wrestling: On a side note regarding the last blog that I wrote about drug abuse and additional thoughts on the late Andrew Martin, I feel that all wrestling organizations should begin instilling in their prospects early in the training process the dangers of drug abuse and that it has no place any where especially in the wrestling business. On-going education regarding drug abuse should be covered as in depth as learning to withstand a body slam. I know that I am old school and damn proud of it for the record but I also think that wrestling students should be challenged with written tests as well as the established physical tests that they endure and that drug education should be an important part of their curriculum. To be fair, some training entities may already be doing some of these things but education at an early age is key to this problem that I feel ( I hope) has peaked and will become less of an issue as time goes by but this issue will never be completely eradicated because humans are, well, human.

On the Legend's Roundtable: Friday night late I watched the Legends Roundtable that is currently airing on WWE 24/7 On Demand regarding Texas Wrestling and it is really a fun, quick hour of TV to watch. Lots of stories of famous, Texas born or based wrestlers didn't make air due to the one hour format of the program but several greats were discussed and some classic footage aired. Gene Okerlund was the host and Gene does a great job in that role while the panel consisted of Michael Hayes, Dusty Rhodes, Cowboy Bill Watts, and me. Personally, I like being a panelist better than hosting but being a part of the Roundtable in any form is super and one of the most fun broadcasts to be a part of in WWE. I am told that after WM25 we will be heading back to Connecticut at some point to produce two more Roundtable shows but I don't know the subjects or the panelists yet.

On the WWE Draft: Something tells me that this year's WWE Draft will really shake things up even more than last year. No one has told me this but it just seems like the deck will be completely reshuffled in Atlanta and that could include some new announce teams put together. Again, this is only speculation so for those considering this the Gospel please, "Lighten Up Francis."

On This Week's TV: What's the over/under on The King wearing another black T shirt this week on TV including the fact it could be another freebie from the frugal WWE HOF'er. If you have black and something with "King" on it you are likely in the money. I guess I'm subconsciously trying to figure a way to get some exposure for J.R.'s Family BBQ on TV. No, the BBQ logo on my hat is not a consideration. It's o.k. for my poker hero Doyle Brunson to plug his "Doyle's Room" poker site on his hat but I don't think that would fly w/ WWE management.

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