WWE developmental wrestler Patrick Brink (a.k.a. Kaleb O'Neal) has pulled his WWE firing rant from his MySpace.com page at www.myspace.com/patrick928 Note from Ryan Clark: That's a smart move if he wants a shot at returning to the company in the future. Some guys just don't seem to get it.

With the script for last Monday's RAW leaking this past week (featuring a huge storyline plan that was delayed at the last minute), the huge snafu Big Show made during Saturday's music video countdown show on VH1 by revealing a yet-to-be-announced match for WrestleMania XXV, as well as all the reports regarding plans for the 25-Diva Battle Royal at Mania (with some leaks even coming from the women themselves), it's pretty much a given that WWE head Vince McMahon is irate, especially with the company-wide initiative to stop storylines getting out on the Internet. The feeling is that a lot of plans and angles will be rewritten this coming week, starting with tomorrow night's RAW in Jacksonville. It should also be interesting to see if Big Show receives any heat for spoiling huge storyline plans regarding his scheduled match at WrestleMania.