Nash On 'Big Lazy', Trish's New Look, Kennedy, Debra's Facebook

SmackDown wrestler Mr. Kennedy, who is currently in the midst of a media blitz in the UK, dropped by the Sky Sports News studio to promote Wrestlemania XXV, talk WWE, and answer questions. You can see the video interview at

Kevin Nash recently spoke to the Bristol Times in CT. He's working an indy show on 3/28 at Bristol Central High School for Northeast Wrestling, that also includes Ric Flair and Jimmy Hart. Here are some highlights: On working with Shawn Michaels: "Shawn was a little guy and he saw me as the perfect complement to him because I was a gigantic big guy. The combo of the two of us was pretty much unstoppable. I ended up learning from the best ever" Nash said of Michaels. "It was on the job training." On working the upcoming indy date: "These shows are more one-on-one," Nash said. "In the WWE or WCW, there is no fan interaction. You just do your thing and get out. Here, I can spend some time with everyone. I really want to catch up with Ric. [] Wrestling for TNA, I'm lucky enough to be able to do this." On his injury: "It's not healing as fast as I would like it too," he said. "TNA called me and asked when I would be back and I told them I'd be back as soon as I can. I'm doing the best I can do. If I can't wrestle, I'll still show up and honor my commitments. I've been operated on 27 times already. Sure, there is a depression that sets in right away, but once you get through that, you just want to get back." On his legacy: "As beat up as I was, I'm really proud of what I accomplished," Nash said. "When I broke into wrestling I was half-crippled. I already had eight or nine knee surgeries. I did what I could do in the ring. If you asked me if I could have the career of a critically-acclaimed actor or be Sylvester Stallone, I'm going with Stallone. I want to be that guy that brings in the blockbuster money." On being "Big Lazy": "When Bischoff called me lazy, I was 7-foot and 300 pounds," Nash said. "When he gets to that size, he can let me know what lazy is." On steroids: "Now I don't think it's a big deal because it's a different era. Look at Samoa Joe; nobody thinks he takes steroids. There's always going to be a genetic freak, and people are going to question him, but steroid use is very small. With our financial state in this country, do you think senators should be giving Roger Clemens the better part of a week to appear in front of them? Does he deserve it? But it's all steroids, steroids, steroids. These senators need to worry about paying their taxes, not steroids. Honestly, cigarette smoke is just as bad. If cigarettes were developed today, the FDA would never approve it. But it's entrenched. Maybe if there were steroid lobbyists things would be different."

Marvin Ward sent this in: DEBRA HAS OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE Fans, former WWE Diva and Women's Champion DEBRA now has an Official Facebook Page. Please check out all the news updates and keep up to date on all of Debra's news and current events. The link is below! Debra welcomes all the fans to sign up. Also, just a reminder, Debra also has an Official Myspace Page We invite all the fans to sign up and join Debra in her official TNA fan movement to reunite Debra with Jeff Jarrett

As noted earlier, Trish Stratus has a brand new look. The blonde hair is gone as she's now a full-fledged brunette.

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