There was a story going around saying TNA Knockouts Roxxi and Rhaka Khan were involved in a backstage altercation in which Khan gave Roxxi a black eye. However, the story has since been changed to Khan stiffing Roxxi in a match recently taped for iMPACT!, so apparently that’s how Roxxi suffered the black eye, and not during the backstage argument the two women had.

The Sun is reporting that Roxxi and Rhaka got into a heated backstage altercation at a recent show though. Roxxi felt that Khan had intentionally stiffed her in a match, thus resulting in a black eye.

According to several people in the organization, Rhaka Khan is not liked backstage and has a really bad attitude. She doesn’t want to train to improve in the ring and carries herself like she’s a huge star, which rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Since she’s dating Kurt Angle, however, no one says anything to her face, since Angle has a lot of political stroke in the company. Khan is in a secure spot since TNA isn’t going to release her due to her relationship with Angle.