Scotty Goldman To Headline Event, Bischoff/Nash Comment On Test

Former WWE Superstar Scotty Goldman headlines for the New York Wrestling Connection promotion on Saturday, March 28 at the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, New York. Visit for information on the show.

Yesterday was The Iron Sheik's birthday. The WWE Hall of Famer turned 66 years old.

Both Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash offered comments to Jeff Wilen of The Daytona Beach News-Journal regarding the passing of Andrew "Test" Martin. Bischoff knew Martin from their time together in World Wrestling Entertainment. "Being only 33 years old, it's another unfortunate incident. He obviously had challenges with addiction. We were friendly, (but) he had a different group of friends as we had an age difference. I did spend a fair amount of time with him (overseas trips, etc.). He was always first-class, very cordial and a polite, professional guy. I never saw any evidence of substance abuse until about a year and a half ago. All the time before that he was always sober and professional."

Kevin Nash was close to Martin, so much so that he helped him enter a rehabilitation facility in West Palm Beach, Florida this past August. "We were really close. I helped him get into rehab. WWE picked up the dollar and helped him through rehab. Andrew went in. He was doing really well, making his meetings. He went over and worked in Japan (recently). He was in that not as busy as you once were routine. We don't know the cause of death, and I would hate to speculate. The combination of muscle relaxers and pain pills are lethal. He was a great guy. I kind of looked at him like a little brother. I considered him one of my better friends. He was a big guy. He was a bud."

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