Shocking Pics Of Juventud Guerrera Following Fight With Konnan

As reported earlier, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera suffered bruising and a broken nose in a fight with Konnan and Jack Evans backstage at a AAA show on Friday, March 20.

The fight started after Guerrera accused Konnan of defecating in his bag, which Konnan denied, and then Evans, with whom Guerrera had a match that evening, grabbed Guerrera from behind, provoking the fight.

Photos showing the cuts and bruises Guerrera alleges were inflicted by Konnan and Evans have surfaced online. The photos depict Guerrera with bandages over his broken nose and swollen eyelid. His body and face are also covered in bloody cuts.

Click here to see 3 photos of a bandaged and bloodied Guerrera on our FaceBook Group. The photos are in the 'Photos' section. Ouch!

Guerrera is still upset from the incident. He offered the following comments to The Sun regarding his former friend, Konnan: "Konnan has a lot of enemies in this business. He has burned all his bridges in the USA, and once AAA finally realizes what an a****** he is and fires him, he will have nothing. He is a miserable human being."

Juventud's father, Fuerza Guerrera, has called for Konnan and Evans to be kicked out of Mexico.

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