Former WWE Superstar Andrew “Test” Martin’s passing was covered on the Extra television show this past Tuesday due to his previous relationship with Stacy Keibler. The headline on their website reads: “Stacy Keibler’s Wrestler Ex Found Dead.” Martin’s passing also garnered coverage on the websites of FOX News, ESPN and TMZ.

SLAM! Wrestling has an article on Rick Martel talking about his memories from WrestleMania. “The Model” competed at WrestleMania every single year from 1987 through 1992. He was scheduled to compete at WrestleMania X, but his multi-tag match was pulled due to time constraints. “I was disappointed, of course,” said Martel. “But I was more disappointed for the other guys, because I remember that there were a lot of rookies in the match, and some of them had their families there to see them in Madison Square Garden. It was their first Wrestlemania, and they were excited to the max. I was disappointed to a point, but I had been in a few Wrestlemanias. I wanted to be in there for sure, but I didn’t make a big deal out of it.”

The following are TNA DVD release dates for the UK

* 5.04.09: Second To None: Best of TNA Tag Teams (3 Discs) AND TNA: Cross The Line 3-Pack – Vol.2 (Turning Point 2008, Final Resolution: Feast or Fired 2008 and Genesis 2009)

* 6.15.09: TNA Lockdown 2009