Val Venis Comments On 'Test', The Rock's Movie Totals, More

Former WWE Superstar Val Venis posted a blog on his MySpace page remembering Andrew "Test" Martin. He wrote the following: Current mood: sad Category: Friends Andrew was a VERY good long time friend who both Matt Bloom and I share many great memories. Andrew's passing is still so shocking. I am still waiting for Johnny Ace or Christian or Edge or Jericho or somebody to call me back in Japan and tell me it was all a mistake. It does not feel real. Andrew "TEST" Martin along with Matt Bloom and myself became like the three amigos as we traveled the road together and shared many great memories. Last night before our match, as Matt and I absorbed the news and tried to make sense of it all, the silence was broken with Matts words which I could not have said better myself. "You know what Val, all the friends we have lost, their deaths really sucked and saddened. But this one HURTS DEEP!" Drew(burg), I will always remember the great times we had and the memories you provided. You will always have a special place in my heart and my life. I promise, you will never be forgotten. REST IN PEACE Sean Morley

Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson laid the smack down on the Hollywood box office once again, with his new Disney film "Race to Witch Mountain" opening at number one. The PG-rated sci-fi movie raked in $25 million for the weekend, surprassing expectations and knocking "The Watchmen" out of the top spot. Mark Zoradi, president of Disney's motion-picture group, said analysts had predicted that "Race to Witch Mountain," director Andy Fickman's remake of the 1975 film "Escape to Witch Mountain," would fly away with $20 million or less. Now he expects this "Witch Mountain" to do big numbers with kids on spring break. "I think audiences this weekend were really drawn to the action adventure of 'Race to Witch Mountain,'" said Zoradi. "There was also this element of parents over 30 who remembered the original and were drawn to this one, so I think that combination is what helped us exceed what folks in the industry thought this movie was going to do."

Newsday writer Seth Mates, who is also a former WWE creative team member, has words on the death of Andrew "Test" Martin, which you can read at

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