Would Konnan Ever Return To WWE?, Edge/'Mania, SD!, More

As noted several days ago, Edge isn't being listed on the post-WrestleMania tour of Europe. Shawn Michaels also isn't listed for the tour right now. However, Edge is listed for SmackDown events in May internationally, so him not being listed for the European tour may just be him taking two weeks off to sell an angle or something rather than a brand change. It's still too early for anything to be concrete but I should have noted yesterday that Edge taking more than just a few weeks off to sell something is highly unlikely considering he just took time off last year.

The reason for Konnan never being brought back to WWE in any shape or form is believed to be due to an incident when he was in WWF as the "Max Moon" character and made Vince McMahon look bad backstage around the boys by calling him on a bluff.

Last week's edition of Friday Night SmackDown on MyNetworkTV drew a 2.3 rating in the 18-49 adult demographic on Friday night and was the number one show in its time slot by a half point.

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