Would Lashley Ever Return To Wrestling?, Debra To Tell All, More

The average network rating for MyNetworkTV is down to 0.88 even with WWE Friday Night Smackdown (which is setting records every week and was expected to help turn the network around). In comparison, The CW Network (the former home of Smackdown) is doing an average 0.93 rating without WWE. Without Smackdown, MyNetworkTV would be averaging a 0.60 rating. This is not good news for WWE and it has caused many to believe that the future of the network is easily in doubt for 2009. If MyNetworkTV was to go under, the only other option for Smackdown would be for it to land some sort of a deal on cable or gain a deal through WGN (where they are placing the "Superstars" show in April) which has much weaker penetration around the country.

Highspots.com will be conducting a shoot interview with former WWE Women's Champion Debra later this week. This will be her first interview discussing the inner workings of wrestling as well as her career in wrestling since her departure from WWE in 2002.

Bobby Lashley will compete in his second professional Mixed Martial Arts fight this Saturday night against Jason Guida at the "March Badness" MMA-boxing card in Pensacola, Florida. The former WWE superstar recently spoke with AroundtheOcagon.com about a number of topics, including the possibility of returning to pro wrestling some day. Lashley said, "I'd definitely be open to going back to wrestling one day. WWE isn't the only organization. I've had talks with some organizations. I would be open to going back to wrestling not just WWE. I enjoy it." Based on that, it appears Lashley would consider wrestling for TNA, where two of his close friends (Kurt Angle and Booker T) are top stars. While Lashley says he misses pro wrestling, he admits that life on the road and the bumps can be difficult to manage. "It's hard on the mind and the body. You can't take away the enjoyment we had being in front of those crowds, being in front of those people around the world," Lashley said. "It was incredible. I do miss it." When asked whether he's disappointed in Ken Shamrock having to pull out of their fight after testing positive for steroids, Lashley said, "I'm super disappointed. ... I really wanted to fight Ken but things happen." Regarding his new opponent Jason Guida, he said, "He's a last minute replacement so I don't know a whole lot about him. I hadn't got to study him. I know his brother but I don't know much about him."

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