WWE Talent Fired Due To Backstage Fight?, Angle, Cena, Big TNA *SPOILER*

>> As noted earlier, WWE creative team writer John Carle was released from the company several days ago. According to sources, the release stemmed from a physical altercation he had with writer Chris DeJoseph (Big Dick Johnson). The two had some sort of altercation/fight in a rental car shuttle several months ago. This happened in front of several WWE employees and many felt this in part led to his release from the company. There were other things that led to his release as well but this was apparently one of the factors. Carle was then pulled from the road while DeJoseph remained on the road.

>> On a side note, Vince McMahon is said to be on one of his rampages as of late regarding internet leaks. This happens every so often where he freaks out because major storylines are leaking to the 'net.

>> 6abc.com has video interviews up with Kurt Angle and John Cena.

>> As noted earlier, advertising in the Philadelphia area for TNA's all-cage Lockdown pay-per-view in April listed a match between Sting and Mick Foley. iNDEMAND has just released the preview for the Lockdown pay-per-view and it looks like Foley and Sting is on:

Two decades in the making…Two of wrestling's biggest legends…One historic showdown inside the infamous six sides of steel cage. Hardcore legend Mick Foley…"The Icon" Sting…The battle of a lifetime! TNA Wrestling presents Lockdown, where every match takes place inside the barbaric six sides of steel cage. Live! Sunday April 19th on Pay-per-View.

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