People in TNA have been encouraged by the ratings increase in recent weeks and the belief is Lockdown will probably do the best numbers for a pay-per-view since last year's Lockdown.

In regards to the status of Kip James and Jacqueline (Jackie Moore) in TNA, the overall communication and decision process was said to have been very confusing. Jacqueline was scripted for the Destination X PPV to grab the TNA tag belts from the desk for the count out finish during the Beer Money vs. Team 3D match. They ended up changing the finish to having Don West hand the belts to Beer Money because they needed a new plan when Dixie Carter ordered that Kip and Jacqueline be removed from TV as characters. The decision to pull them television was a budgetary cut. Jacqueline was not brought to the PPV, although Kip was brought to both the PPV and TV tapings and was never used. The departure of Jacqueline from Beer Money was expected to be explained on future TV tapings, although a slight mention was made on iMPACT! during the segment between Beer Money and Team 3D where the new focus is Beer Money trying to get more serious without her.