In regards to TNA teasing the signings of "two former World Champions" through the TNA Mobile service this week and how they will be revealed at the Lockdown PPV tonight in Philadelphia, Te belief is, according to the wording by TNA, that the company may reveal the identity of one and being a storyline tease for another tonight at the PPV.

Former ECW and WWE star Taz has been pointed out as the most logical possibility for these teases by TNA this week. According to WWE sources, WWE announcer contracts are worded differently from the independent contractor agreements that wrestlers sign so there are said to be a certain amount of dates between announcer leaving the company and being able to appear on another TV entity. The belief by most of these WWE sources was that Taz had some form of a no compete remaining with WWE and that there is a good possibility he won't be appearing at the TNA PPV tonight, although nothing has been confirmed. As for the other "former World Champion", the belief is whoever that individual is has a better chance of making some kind of an appearance tonight.

While this may not mean much in the long run considering how secretive TNA has been in the past, there hasn't been any talent at the TNA hotel in Philadelphia among those not currently on the company's roster.