Bonaduce Confirms Lockdown Report, Victoria Meets Dixie Carter

Danny Bonaduce has been discussing his match with Eric Young on his radio show recently. When a caller asked why the match wasn't being promoted, Bonaduce stated that there was a rumor that Dixie Carter had made the call for the match to be a dark match since "she didn't want a comedy match on is supposed to be a serious PPV". Bonaduce called Carter and found out that his match would be placed on the PPV pre-show as a way to entice people to buy the PPV. He liked that idea and said he didn't care about being on the PPV anyway and just wanted to up the profile of his radio show. He again stated that he isn't even being paid for the match.

If you go to, you can see several videos of Bonaduche training at the Monster Factory in New Jersey, taking bumps, and hitting a senton.

Victoria recently met TNA President Dixie Carter at UFC Fight Night 18 in Tennessee. Victoria discusses the meeting in her most recent blog, which you can read here. She also mentions that Bruce Prichard is now working with TNA. Here is an excerpt of the blog: I ran into a couple former WWE employees there. Bruce Prichard and Dan Stevenson, who were behind the scenes guys, who are now with TNA. They introduced me to Dixie Carter and her husband. I don't know if she's supposed to have a tough businesswoman image. But I'm gonna shatter that. She was supernice. It's always weird to me when a tidbit of my personal life becomes wrestling gossip, because someone saw Dixie and I talking, and now "I may be going to TNA". I'd be lying if I said it never crossed my mind, but they haven't come to me with anything, and I am really focused on my MMA.

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