Chris Masters, Alternate 12 Rounds Endings, 'Taker, Batista, More

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Our friends over at NZPWI recently interviewed Chris Masters, who is currently in New Zealand working for several of the local promotions. In the interview he discusses working with WWE, acting as a child, the possibility of going to TNA and more. You can check out the full interview at

The May issue of the WWE magazine will feature The Undertaker. Also, Batista will be featured in the June edition, doing a take off of the Wolverine Weapon-X deal.

John Cena's film 12 Rounds, when released on DVD, will feature "several alternate endings" that were film and not used. The DVD release will be the "Extreme Cut" of the film, and will be released in both standard and blu-ray.

Dwayne Johnson was the guest keynote speaker at this week's he Motion Picture Association of America's 'Business of Show Business' symposium in Washington, D.C.

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