In the latest edition of Word Up on, Cryme Tyme member JTG reads a letter he received from a female friend by the name of “Yummi Girl.” Here is the official preview: “In this episode of “Word Up,” JTG continues kickin’ it with his mystery honey, “Yummi Girl.” But after she interrupts the show for the second week in a row, Shad has had enough and tries to “baller blockin'” his boy. Uh-oh!”

In a recent interview with Michigan Live, former TNA and WWE performer Monty Brown stated that he was negotiating for a return to the WWE. Brown said?“I had to take some time away for a while on my own terms, but I kept a good rapport with the company and can come back at any time. I’ve got a lot going and I had a lot going (before leaving the WWE).” You can read the full article at