'Debra To TNA Fan Movement', A Snuka Reality Show?, More

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is currently filming a reality show, reports The Sun. The show is based around the WWE Hall of Famer working 9 to 5 jobs in places fans would never expect to see him, such as Randy "The Ram" Robinson in The Wrestler. The reality show is being shopped around to television networks.

Former WWE/WCW Diva and Women's Champion Debra will take part in a U.S Satellite Radio Tour Tuesday April 7 to push her 'Debra to TNA Fan Movement'. Debra will be talking about her life, including her past with former husband Stone Cold Steve Austin, her current status and her future plans and goals. Debra will explain why out of respect for her friends she will not use friendship to gain employment with TNA, and why it is important to her for the fans to be behind her return to television. Debra will be talking about her interest in TNA, her feelings toward Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, and how her situation with Stone Cold Steve Austin affected her life. 10:00AM KXJM PORTLAND, OREGON 10:10AM WXZZ LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 10:20AM KRZR FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 10:30AM WDJQ CLEVELAND, OHIO 10:40AM SYND BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 10:50AM KWCK LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS 11:00AM - KKZQ LAS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 11:10AM - WUHU NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 8:40PM WTKS ORLANDO, FLORIDA

A swimsuit video featuring the girls of Wrestlicious has been released. The poster features Leyla Milani, Lacey Von Erich, Lana Kinnear, TNA Knockout Madison Rayne, Rain, Jennifer Blake, Christi Ricci, Shauna-Na, Bootcamp Bailey, and Cousin Cassie, among others.

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