Vince McMahon is said to have been dropping Bruce Prichard’s name more regularly during meetings with WWE creative as a possible addition to the team reports The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter. While Prichard hasn’t been outright described as a replacement for Michael Hayes as lead writer of Smackdown, Hayes could be on the bubble as head of creative for Smackdown despite him being in real tight with the company. This would be confirm earlier reports of Vince’s growing frustration with Hayes since January that we reported on.

Prichard has been done with the company for a few months now since he was removed in November 2008, although he is still under contract until June so anything can happen between now and then. Jeff Jarrett has reportedly dropped his name in TNA so the ball is in Vince’s court and how it is possible he may change his mind again about letting him completely free from the company. Vince was also described as being very upset when he saw that the March 13 edition of Smackdown drew a 1.9 rating, which was the lowest rating for the show all year and the lowest on MyNetworkTV since late October. They have since tied that record low several times.

With the WWE Draft coming up next week, Vince has already openly stated that one of his goals with the draft is to make Raw a much stronger brand. While it is established as the “A” show for the company, many sources in WWE have pointed out how strong of a roster Smackdown really has (The Undertaker, Triple H, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Mr. Kennedy, Matt Hardy, MVP, The Colons and other crossover talent) and how drawing a 1.9 rating is pretty embarrassing.