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? Mickey Rourke has been described as being quite the worker after he was seen at the airport with his fist all taped up following WrestleMania 25 when he “knocked out” Chris Jericho. It should be noted that many within WWE were concerned when Rourke showed up with MMA fighter Frank Shamrock, another MMA fighter Clint Coronel and his trainer for “Iron Man 2.” It turns out Rourke brought everyone since he wanted some “tough guys” there in case Jericho or someone else tried to jump him for real. This confused and surprised many in WWE since the impression they were giving was that he wasn’t going to be asked to do anything he wasn’t happy with doing. As reported earlier, Rourke was spotted hanging out with Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Afa and many others during WrestleMania weekend in Houston.

? As noted earlier here on the website, the friends of families of WWE talent during WrestleMania 25 weekend in Houston were taken in ten charter buses from the hotel to the arena and were surrounded by police escorts, with police stopping traffic in all directions and even on the highways. One thing that some found rather funny was that all of the buses had a TV monitor and it was set on Spike TV which was showing the first ever UFC fight between former WWE star Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. It should also be noted that MMA fighter Josh Barnett, who is a huge wrestling fan, was at WrestleMania weekend as a guest of DH Smith.

? WWE has added two new dates for a late May tour in Mexico since advances were very strong. The dates include shows on 5/27 and 5/28 in Monterrey, 5/29 in Queretaro and 5/30 in Mexico City.