TNA Lockdown Commentary: The History of Sting and Mick Foley

I would just like to give some background on the history of Sting and Foley as they go into the six sides of steel tonight. Feedback and comments appreciated and if you enjoy the read, you can read more of my articles and commentaries at my link.


In the early 1990's, two gifted up-and-coming athletes by the name of Sting and Mick Foley were dubbed the future of professional wrestling. This term would carry these men throughout their careers, earning numerous world championships in the process. Sting; the charismatic babyface who the crowd adored, and Foley; the crazy, psychopathic and dare-devil heel that the fans had no choice but to respect. It was simply destiny that these two men would someday meet as opponents in the squared circle, and the feud took place between late October of 1991 and throughout 1992 in the company known as World Championship Wrestling.

The feud became one of the most popular of the early 1990's, and Foley would later credit Sting with being the first man to give him a chance to showcase his talents. After several bloody gimmick matches such as "The Chamber of Horrors" at Halloween Havoc 1991, the two gained a mutual respect for each other and while both men went their separate ways with Sting becoming the biggest star in the history of WCW, Foley went on to become the WWF champion in what seemed to depict the end of their rivalry.

However; the men would once again cross paths in the organization known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. While Foley entered TNA Wrestling in late 2008, Sting has been a major part of TNA since the early years of the promotion. During his tenure, he has became one of TNA's most notable athletes, as well as scoring the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on three separate occasions overthrowing such opponents as Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe in the process with his latest title win at TNA's Bound for Glory pay per view in October of 2008.

The two began a rivalry in late 2008 after the birth of the "Main Event Mafia" faction; a group consisting only of former world champions who demand respect from the up-and-comers in TNA. Sting was a member of the Mafia, whereas Foley challenged Sting's reasons for being a part of the group, stating that Foley had all the respect for Sting through the years, but he is disgracing himself by being a part of the Mafia. The argument soon turned into a rivalry, and from a rivalry into a feud. Now on April 19 2009, Sting and Foley will meet in the squared circle for the first time in almost 20 years.

Sting walks into the pay per view with the biggest factor; the TNA World Championship, but he also enters with a fresh notch of legacy. Sting is the longest reigning TNA World Champion of all time, as well as being a 13 time world champion in total. His current reign is also his longest reign as champion out of his entire history of world championship reigns. Foley however has the opportunity to dethrone the Stinger and put an end to his growing legacy, and begin to rebuild his own. If Foley can claim a victory over Sting inside the confinements of the six sides of steel cage, it will mark Foley's first world title reign in ten years.

On the eve of April 19, 2009, these two men will finally square off to put an end to a rivalry based on mutual respect that has spanned for almost 20 years. Sting will put his world championship and his legacy on the line against Mick Foley who is attempting to add another notch to his own. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide inside the six sides of steel, TNA's Lockdown pay per view is expected to be the biggest of the year when these two icons of the sport finally collide. Will The Stinger continue to build on his epic legacy, or will The Hardcore Legend of Mick Foley be reborn as the TNA world heavyweight champion?


I hope you enjoyed the read.
Get ready for Lockdown!

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