– Jeremy Borash (with a real bad hair cut) opened the show.

– They showed Danny Bonaduce arrive on a motorcycle.

– JB plugged the Lockdown card. Hopefully they won’t run down the card on the PPV.

– Lauren interviewed Danny Bonaduce. Bonaduce is wearing Jonny Fairplay’s tooth on his necklace. He said he is terrified, but he will do his best.

– They showed the Bonaduce radio show where Young and Bonaduce slapped each other.

– Wow, they actually showed ring announcer David Penzer make the following introductions…

– On the way to the ring, Bonaduce got into with a fan.

(A) Steel Cage: Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young. Bonaduce has nunchucks as the match starts. Bonaduce kicked out of Young’s first pin fall attempt. Fans chanted “Eric, Eric…” Bonaduce did a spot off the top rope. Bonaduce went to use the nunchucks, but Young pinned him with a small package at 3:27.

After the match, Young and Bonaduce shook hands, but as Young turned to leave the cage, Bonaduce used the nunchucks on Young. Rhino came in to gore Bonaduce.

– More PPV Plugs.

– They showed highlights from yesterday’s TNA Interaction.

– JB interviewed TNA President Dixie Carter after taking a shot on WWE being owned by Vince McMahon. Carter said she loves to mingle and meet the fans. She thanked for the fans and those watching on television.

– More PPV hype.

– JB and Lauren closed the pre-show inside the cage.