- In the back, Lauren interviewed Abyss. Lauren said she is considered about Abyss. Abyss said tonight its about survival. He said tonight, he'll take out all his frustrations on Matt Morgan.

(4) Doomsday Chamber of Blood match: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan.

Early on, Abyss is cut open and bleeding from his forehead. Morgan got Abyss's blood all over himself. Morgan opened up a bag full of glass. Morgan held Abyss over the glass. Abyss bleed heavily on the glass.

Abyss went for a cover on Morgan, but the referee wouldn't count since Morgan wasn't bleeding.

Referee Andrew Thomas took the ref bump at 7:25. Abyss smashed a piece of glass into Morgan's head. Morgan is now also cut wide open. Black hole slam, but the referee was out. Slick Johnson ran into the cage, but by that time, Morgan kicked out.

Abyss went out for a chair, but Doctor Stevie Richards stopped him. Morgan hit his carbon footprint, but Abyss kicked out.

Abyss went outside wanting the chair, but Richards again wouldn't give it to him. Abyss brought in a small black bag and pulled out the thumb tacks. Richards got into the ring and slapped Abyss. Low blow by Morgan. Morgan slammed Abyss onto the tacks and scored the pin fall victory at 12:42 as Richards walked away.