- Lauren interviewed Team 3D in the arena with a bunch of fans around. Devon described it as a homecoming for the Dudley Boyz. Brother Ray welcomed Beer Money to kill-a-delphia. Ray said this is the biggest tag team match in wrestling history. It appeared Team 3D were drinking beer with the fans.

(6) Philadelphia Street Fight for the TNA World Tag Team and IWGP World Tag Team Championships: Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm) (TNA Champions) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) (IWGP Champions)

When Beer Money came out, the graphic labeled them as the New Japan Tag Team champions. Oops.

This cage match will have the door open, allowing the action to be fought outside and falls count anywhere in the building. They have one referee in the cage, and one on the outside.

Early on, Ray brawled with Storm into the crowd, as did Devon and Roode. As they brawled on the outside, fans chanted "EC-dub, EC-dub."

Storm spit beer into Devon's face. Fans chanted for tables. Beer Money set up a table on the arena floor. They did the beer money suplex (from the ring steps) on Devon through the table.

Brother Ray has been busted open. Beer Money climbed back into the cage, and locked Devon out for a 2 on 1 beat down.

Top rope Bubba Bomb onto Roode, but Roode was able to kick out. Devon finally got back into the cage. Fans chanted "we want tables."

Whats up by Devon off the top rope by Devon. Fans told Devon to get the table. Devon got a table from the outside. It took to much time, which allowed Beer Money to recover.

3D through the table on Roode as Team 3D capture the TNA World Tag Team titles at 14:57.