- Backstage, JB interviewed the Main Event Mafia. Booker T appeared to be reading a newspaper. Angle sold the fact they are together, but Team Jarrett is not a unit. Angle talks about people thinking they are washed up, but he puts over each guy individually. He said Kevin Nash almost died from a staph infection but is making his return tonight.

(7) Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T [with Sharmell], and Kevin Nash) vs. Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, and Christopher Daniels)

Match started off with Daniels against Angle for five minutes.

At the end of the first five minutes, Booker T entered the match for a 2 on 1 situation for two minutes.

Next in, AJ Styles making it Booker T and Angle vs. Daniels and Styles for the next two minutes.

Next to enter was Scott Steiner, making it 3 on 2 advantage for the Main Event Mafia for two minutes. Steiner did the belly to belly suplex on Daniels. Steiners did the frankensteiner on Styles.

When it was time for Samoa Joe to enter, he appeared to be talking to someone backstage. It took him a minute to enter the match.

Next in was Kevin Nash for a 4 on 3 advantage for the Main Event Mafia. Joe wouldn't let him enter, and went after him on the outside of the cage. Nash got the upper hand, and entered the cage.

BME by Daniels on Nash.

Jarrett entered the match at 15:15 to make it four on four. Lethal Lockdown began with the top of the cage lowered with weapons. We see a crutch, trash cans, lids, kendo stick, a detour sign, etc.

Angle climbed to the top of the cage. Styles followed him. The two brawled on top of the cage. Styles tried to toss Angle over the rail.

AJ dived from the top and hit the top apart of it on the way down. Ouch. It didn't look good. Fans chanted "that was awesome."

Jarrett "accidently" hit Styles with a chair. AJ appears to be Ok which is good news.

They did a spot where each guy was hitting their finishing moves with someone making a save.

Jarrett hit Booker T with a guitar, which allowed AJ to pin Booker at 23:00 for a victory by Team Jarrett.

After the match, the arena went black. Out came BOBBY LASHLEY. The Main Event Mafia smiled.