WWE Backlash: "I Quit Match" - Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

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"I Quit" Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring first without face paint. The outcome of this match should tell a lot about whether WWE expects Jeff to renew his contract or not.

Jeff takes control early and gets Matt outside the ring and hits a plancha. He does a running splash onto Matt against the ring barrier. Jeff get Matt back in the ring and delivers a mule kick. Jeff continues to work Matt over.

Matt gains the advantage and a light 'We Want Tables' chant breaks out. Matt gets Jeff in the figure four in the middle of the ring but Jeff refuses to quit. Matt breaks the hold and continues to work Jeff's leg over. He then gets Jeff back in the figure four but Jeff still refuses to quit and turns it over.

Jeff is finally able to hit the whisper in the wind to regain the advantage. Jeff gets Matt in a texas clover leaf and Matt taps, but the ref won't stop it because he didn't say "I Quit". When the ref asks Matt if he wants to quit, Matt refuses. Jeff hits a twist of fate and nailed a swanton. Matt refuses to quit, and then Jeff hits Matt with a second swanton.

Jeff goes outside the ring and grabs a table and brings it into the ring. Before he can use it, they are back outside the ring and Jeff hits Matt with a twist of fate and throws Matt back in. Jeff sets Matt up on the table and goes back under the ring and grabs duct tape and a rope! He duct tapes Matt's feet togehter on the table, and then duct tapes Matt's wrists together. He then ties Matt up to the table with the rope! Definitely unique . . .

Jeff goes back under the ring and grabs a ladder and brings it in. Jeff climbs to the top and Matt starts apologizing and saying that he loves Jeff. Matt keeps saying he loves Jeff as Jeff listens from the top of the ladder. Matt says their mom wouldn't want this in heaven and neither would their dad, who is sick at home. Before Jeff can come off the ladder, Matt quit. Kinda anticlimactic. Jeff comes off and splashes Matt through the table anyway.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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