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WWE Championship - Six Man Tag Team Match
Triple H (c), Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase).

The faces come to the ring first with Shane entering first, then Batista and finally Triple H. Legacy all come to the ring together. As soon as they get in the ring, all six start brawling even before the bell rings. Triple H takes Orton to the back and then comes back without Orton. The bell just rung, and it's 3 on 2 right now.

HHH, Batista and Shane McMahon dominate early and Ross questions what kind of man Orton is for abandoning his troops. Crowd is dead in this match in the early going. The faces continue to dominate Rhodes and Dibiase. Batista at one point get Dibiase in a standing vertical suplex and kept him hanging for a good 30 seconds.

Finally as Batista fought with Dibiase outside of the ring, Randy Orton ran back in and attacked Batista, ramming him head first into the ring post. Orton threw Batista back into the ring, tagged in and took control.

Legacy continued to work Batista over for several minutes before Shane McMahon finally tagged in. Shane was on first, and his Rhodes with an elbow drop from the top but Orton puled McMahon out of the ring as he went for a pin. Orton proceeded to throw Shane into the ring barrier. The crowd is still quiet.

Legacy continues to beat on Shane, obviously building to the hot tag to HHH. Finally Shane makes the hot tag to HHH who comes in and cleans house. After a few minutes, it's just HHH and Orton in the ring. Outside the ring, Rhodes nails McMahon with a chair and puts him out. Batista grabs Rhodes's chair, and Triple H pulls it out of Batista's hand and Orton sneaks up behind and nails an RKO, but only gets a 2 count. The timekeeper accidentally rang the bell. Orton then hit the kick and pinned HHH!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton