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- The WWE promo hits.

- A video package airs featuring various WWE stars talking about what they consider to be the biggest moment in WrestleMania history. We then see highlights of what will be taking place tonight focusing on the triple threat for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels and Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

- We then go live to Houston, TX where we see a huge audience in attendance. Nicole Scherzinger is in the ring and sings "America The Beautiful."

- A graphic opening hits welcoming us to the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. We are back live in Houston where a huge display of pyro goes off inside the Reliant Stadium.

- We are starting things off tonight with the "Money in the Bank" Ladder match. Out first is CM Punk.


-> The "Money in the Bank" Ladder match is up first.

"Money in the Bank" Ladder Match
CM Punk vs. Mark Henry vs. WWE U.S. Champion MVP vs. Finlay vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian vs. Kane

The bell rings and a few people brawl while a few bail from the ring. Kane tosses a few people out and Mark Henry goes after him. Henry with a body splash on Kane in a corner. Benjamin and Christian bring a ladder in and hit Kane and Henry with it. Kingston dropkicks the ladder into Christian and Benjamin. Kingston with a leg splash over Christian and Benjamin over the ladder. Kane with a big bot on Finlay. The ladder is now setup and Kane climbs up. Henry climbs up as well. Others hit the ring to pull them down. Kane is tossed out of the ring and Henry is taken out as well. A second ladder is setup. Punk, Benjamin, Finlay and MVP are all on them. Kane and Henry return to the ring and push the ladders over clearing house! Kane with an uppercut to Henry and big boot combo. Kane tosses one of the ladders out and sets the other up under the briefcase. Kane climbs up and Henry pushes the ladder over causing Kane to crash to the mat. Henry tries tossing the ladder into Finlay, but Finlay dodges it and takes out Henry. Finlay with a suicide dive into Kane and Benjamin. Christian is in the ring and springboards off the top rope taking out Kane. MVP is up on the ring apron and flips into Finlay, Christian and Kane.


Punk and Kingston are now in the ring, hit the ropes and do a double suicide dive on the others outside the ring. Benjamin then climbs up a taller ladder, stands up top and flips off taking everyone out in a huge spot! Henry goes up to the top rope, but Finlay cracks him with a shillelagh (which is legal). Hornswoggle brings in a small ladder and Hornswoggle leaps off taking everyone out on the outside in a funny spot. Finlay grabs a big ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Finlay takes out Kingston when he tries to hit the ring. Kingston flips through the middle of the ladder taking out Finlay and then tosses the ladder on top of Finlay! Kingston attempts a body splash, but Finlay brings up the small ladder brought in by Hornswoggle. Finlay uses the step ladder against Christian and Kane. Finlay sets up the ladder again, kicks away Kingston, but gets knocked off by Kingston via a dropkick. Kingston starts climbing up the ladder and Henry knocks him off. Henry then headbutts Kingston. Henry then holds up the ladder in the air folded up, Kingston runs forward scaling up it, reaches for the briefcase, falls off, Henry catches him and body slams him over the ladder! MVP grabs a ladder and hits Henry with it.


MVP tosses Benjamin into the corner when he runs in. MVP places his ladder from the top ropes inside the ladder standing up. Benjamin dropkicks into MVP using the ladder. Benjamin springboards off the ladder and MVP catches him in the air with a huge powerbomb! MVP climbs up the ladder, gets close to the briefcase, Punk climbs up, kicks MVP, Christian pulls MVP off, clotheslines him, Christian grabs Punk, Punk kicks Christian away, Punk reaches, Christian is up on the ladder across the ropes into the ladder, knocks Punk away, Punk has Christian on his shoulders, Christian gets down, grabs Punk and hits the Unprettier off the ladders! MVP is now back up on the ladder. Benjamin places a third ladder against a second that is going into the first. Benjamin attempts a sunset flip, but it becomes botched on the way down. Benjamin grabs MVP and powerbombs him over the top rope into others on the outside! Benjamin is climbing up the ladder and Finlay is up as well. They exchange punches and Benjamin hits Finlay with a stiff right hand knocking Finlay off hitting the second ladder first and then falling to the mat. Christian then goes after Benjamin and Benjamin hits him with a few knees.

Christian sets up a second tall ladder by the first tall ladder. Christian and Benjamin are on one of the tall ladders. It tips over, Benjamin falls off, but Christian puts his leg out to catch himself on the top rope. Christian pushes the ladder back to the middle, Punk is up top, he falls back and his leg is caught in the ladder. Kane is in and hits Christian. Kane climbs up the one of the ladders. Kane tosses Christian off. Kane is up with Punk who breaks free. Punk has his hand on the briefcase. Kane attempts a chokeslam. Punk kicks Kane repeatedly in the face. Punk kicks Kane away, reaches up and gets the "Money in the Bank" briefcase for the second year in a row.


Winner and the 2009 "Money in the Bank": CM Punk

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish. Some very impressive spots this year. Back live, CM Punk is still up top and celebrating his victory holding up the briefcase.

- Highlights of the WWE Fan Axxess tour is shown this past week in Houston, TX along with other events.

- Kid Rock performs "Bawitdaba", "Rock N Roll Jesus", "Cowboy", "All Summer Long" and "So Hott" live inside the Reliant Stadium. The WWE Divas (current and past) head down to the ring during the last song. Very good performance by Kid Rock.

25 Diva Battle Royal

We kick things off right away after the performance by Kid Rock wraps up. Mae Young and Candice Michelle are at ringside. They are tossing girls out too quickly to catch names. Rosa Mendes and Layla were thrown out from what I can see. We see a shot of Sunny exchanging shots with Beth Phoenix. Torrie Wilson gets tossed out. Sunny is also thrown out. They leave together. Maria gets tossed out. Jillian gets thrown out along with Gail Kim. Eve and Tiffany get tossed out. Kelly Kelly and Molly Holly are out. Santino has been in the match the whole time dressed as a woman. Beth Phoenix threw out both Bella Twins. Michelle McCool and Mickie James are going at it in the corner. Mickie and McCool both fall off the top and are gone. We are down to Melina, Beth Phoenix and Santino in drag. Santino tosses Phoenix and Melina over the top rope and he wins.


Winner: Santina (Santino Marella's twin sister from Italy)

After the match, Candice Michelle comes into the ring and crowns Miss WrestleMania aka Santina aka Santino Marella in drag. "Santina" then does a little dance for us to Kid Rock's "So Hott."

- A video package airs highlighting "The Wrestler" starring Mickey Rourke. This transitions into Rourke calling out Chris Jericho and Jericho attacking legends over the last few weeks.

Elimination Match
Chris Jericho vs. Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka & Ricky Steamboat w/ Ric Flair

Mickey Rourke is shown taking a seat at ringside. I believe I spotted Frank Shamrock sitting by him. All four legends made their entrances and talked down the aisle together. The bell rings and we start with Roddy Piper against Chris Jericho. Piper tosses Jericho over the top rope and then tosses Jericho face first into the announce table. Jericho catches Piper with a big kick back in the ring. Piper with a rollup and Jericho breaks it up after two. Piper with a dropkick on Jericho to which JR addes, "I don't think I've seen Piper throw a dropkick since WrestleMania 1." Piper drives Jericho's face into the corner. Piper tags in Jimmy Snuka who takes a headbutt with Piper driving Jericho's head into his. Snuka with a few chops to Jericho, a takedown and tag to Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat with a sledgehammer from the top on Jericho. Steamboat hits his classic arm drags on Jericho and then goes to work on Jericho's left arm. Tag to Snuka and Snuka and Steamboat take Jericho down. Snuka with a headbutt to Jericho. Jericho then takes Snuka down, locks in the Walls of Jericho and Snuka taps out.


Jimmy Snuka is eliminated.

Jericho then tosses Steamboat out of the ring. Piper hits the ring and goes after Jericho. Piper with a big kick to the gut of Jericho. Piper eye pokes Jericho and then locks on the sleeper. Jericho breaks it up hitting the ropes and then kicking Piper in the back of the head. Jericho covers Piper and gets the pinfall.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper is eliminated.

Steamboat with a cross body off the top rope and Jericho kicks out after two. Steamboat fights back with a few chest chops to Jericho. Jericho responds with a big boot, snapmare and kick to the back. Jericho locks on a modified full nelson on Steamboat. Steamboat fights to his feet, chops Jericho, hits a shoulder block, Jericho tosses Steamboat over the top rope, Steamboat holds on, flips back in and Jericho takes out Flair. Steamboat then springboards over the top rope and splashes Jericho on the outside! Steamboat tosses Jericho back in the ring, goes up top and connects with a big chop to the head. Steamboat with a rollup on Jericho from the corner and Jericho kicks out after two. Jericho with a running bulldog on Steamboat. Jericho misses the Lionsault when Steamboat rolls out of the way. Steamboat with a powerslam, cover and Jericho kicks out after two. Jericho gets Steamboat down and locks on the Walls of Jericho. Steamboat counters into an inside cradle...1...2...Jericho kicks out. Steamboat counters a back suplex and Jericho catches Steamboat with the Codebreaker. Jericho covers Steamboat and gets the pinfall.


Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Ric Flair hits the ring and goes after Chris Jericho. Flair lights up Jericho with big chops. Jericho with a high back body on Flair followed by a Codebreaker. Jericho then kicks Flair out of the ring. Jericho grabs a mic and calls himself the best in the world at what he does. He said he did just what he said he would do – he would erase the washed out Hall of Fame legends. Jericho then calls out Mickey Rourke saying he might play a tough guy in the movies, but he is a tough guy in real life. He demands Rourke apologize for what he said. Jericho calls Rourke a liar and said if he doesn't apologize he will slap him right in his face. Rourke leaves his seat and approaches the ringside area. He takes off his jacket and slowly gets into the ring. Rourke gets in a boxing stance waiting for Jericho. Jericho and Rourke circle each other in the ring. Rourke hits Jericho with a few jabs surprising Jericho. Jericho pushes forward and Rourke catches him with a hook dropping Jericho. Jericho is down and rolls out of the ring. Ric Flair returns to the ring and celebrates with Mickey Rourke.

- A video package airs highlighting the events between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy leading into tonight's match


- Promo for the National Guard aired.

- JR, Cole, and The King at the announce table talk about the Hardy Boyz feud.

- We see highlights of the Matt vs. Jeff angles.

(4) Extreme Rules Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy. Jeff hit Matt with a framed Wrestlemania poster. Jeff attempted a whisper in the wind, but Matt answered him with a chair shot. Matt hit Jeff with a shop vac. Side effect by Matt on Jeff onto a chair, but only a two count. Jeff used crutches on Matt. In a corner, Jeff had a trash can over Matt's head and drop kicked it, but only could get a two count. Twist of fate by Matt, but a kick out by Jeff. Superplex by Jeff. Jeff put Matt on a table on the outside, and stacked up a table on top. Jeff came off the top rope onto the double ladder, crashing his brother through. Jeff brought Matt back in, but Matt got his foot on the rope to break a pin fall attempt. Jeff tried a leg drop from top of the ladder, but Matt moved out the way. With his brother's head in a chair, Matt hit a twist of fate and pinned Jeff at 13:13.

- Backstage, we see Randy Orton getting ready for his match with Triple H. He is with Legacy in the locker room.

- Lilian Garcia introduces the IC title match.

(5) IC title match: JBL vs. Rey Mysterio. On the way to the ring (no limo tonight), JBL cuts a promo. JBL said he returned to Texas champion, as Texas doesn't have any champions. He said Houston needs hope, and along comes their hero JBL. JBL said he is going to beat Rey, and then fly back to New York City and still be their hero. Mysterio came out with a mask with green hair, kinda looked like a tribute to the Joker. JR pointed out that Rey has never been IC champion.


Before the match, JBL attacked Rey. Referee asked Rey if he wanted to continue, and rang the bell. Rey took it to JBL and beat him with a splash and won the match and the IC title in 21 seconds. JR said the IC title hadn't been defended in seven years? Sad.

After the match was over, and Rey left. JBL got back on the mic, "I got something to say," said JBL. "I QUIT," JBL yelled, and walked off. I guess that is historic.

- Shawn Michaels made his entrance coming down a platform that was high up on the WrestleMania stage. When it came down on the stage, a series of pyro went off and HBK made his way down the ramp. Jim Ross noted the irony of numbers pointing out that this is HBK's 16th WrestleMania and how The Undertaker is 16-0 at WrestleMania. The Undertaker made his entrance coming up from under the stage.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

The bell rings and here we go. HBK with a quick chest chop to Taker. HBK with more chops to Taker and backs off. HBK with elbows after dodging more offense from Taker. Another big chop from HBK. Taker blocks a right hand from HBK and tosses HBK with force to the corner. HBK jumps over Taker, fakes a knee injury and then tackles Taker. Taker tosses HBK to the corner with force again and gets in some big body shots. Taker with a big uppercut that levels HBK. Taker with a right hand and headbutt to HBK in the corner. HBK with chops to Taker in the corner. Taker with a high back body on HBK. Taker lifts HBK up and slams him down with a big press slam. Taker hits the ropes, drops an elbow, cover and HBK kicks out quickly. Taker with a few shoulder charges to HBK. Taker grabs HBK's arms and hits the Old School. Taker misses a running big boot when HBK moves out of the way. HBK drops Taker's shin across his knee and then trips him up after hitting the ropes. HBK with a big kick to Taker's head. HBK with shots to the gut of Taker and applies the Figure Four Leg Lock. Taker dodges a pinfall attempt quickly sitting up. HBK forcing Taker back to his shoulders and Taker sits up each time during a pinfall attempt.


Taker with a few right hands to HBK. HBK with a kick to Taker's knees taking him off his feet. Taker grabs HBK and throws him with force into the corner. Taker with big right hands to HBK. Taker with a running clothesline to HBK in the opposite corner. Taker charges and hits another clothesline. Taker with snake eyes and a big boot to HBK. Taker drops a leg over HBK's throat, covers and HBK gets a shoulder up after two. HBK counters a chokeslam attempt into the Crossface. Taker rolls HBK over to his back with the Crossface still in, HBK pushes back over after a two count and keeps the Crossface locked in. Taker fights to his knees, to his feet, HBK is still hanging on and Taker hits a big side slam. Cover by Taker and HBK gets a shoulder up after two. Taker with punches, HBK with a kick to the gut, chops, more chops and a flying elbow. HBK flips up and heads to the corner. HBK walks forward, hits an atomic on Taker, another atomic and a flying clothesline after hitting the ropes. HBK starts climbing up to the top turnbuckle when Taker sits up. HBK jumps, Taker catches HBK, attempts a chokeslam, HBK breaks it up, attempts a Figure Four and Taker pulls HBK down into the Hell's Gate (gogoplata).


HBK is able to push his body over and get to the ropes to break it up. HBK bails to the outside and Taker follows. Taker gets in a few shots on HBK, puts up him on the ring apron, pulling his head out over the ring apron, Taker walks across the ring apron, drops a leg, but HBK moves out of the way. HBK with a baseball slide to Taker through the ropes. HBK then goes up to the top turnbuckle, turns his body, attempts a moonsault, but Taker dodges it and HBK crashes on the mat. The referee checks on HBK who is favoring his wrist. Taker rolls back into the ring, sits up and stares down HBK. Taker hits the ropes, leaps over the top rope, HBK grabs a camera man, pulls the camera man in front of him and Taker crashes over the camera man! That was a pretty nasty fall for both the camera man and Taker. Looked even nastier on the replay. HBK pulls the referee into the ring and makes him start a count for Taker. The referee starts the count...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...and Taker rolls in and the match will continue. HBK stands up in the corner, moves forward attempting Sweet Chin Music, Taker dodges it and hits a chokeslam on HBK! Hook of the leg...1...2...HBK kicks out!

HBK got some serious height taking that chokeslam which was very impressive. Taker picks up HBK, HBK falls back, Sweet Chin Music, counter, chokeslam attempt, counter and HBK catches Taker with Sweet Chin Music this time. HBK puts an arm over Taker...1...2...Taker gets a shoulder up after two. HBK then flips up and reaches down. Taker wraps his hand across HBK's throat, hits a kick, goes for the Last Ride, HBK counters falling behind, Taker pulls HBK back up into the Last Ride and connects! Taker hooks the leg...1...2...HBK somehow kicks out! Taker can't believe it and falls back into the ropes frustrated. Taker leaves the ring, goes up to the top turnbuckle, stands up, jumps attempting a flying elbow and HBK moves out of the way. Taker gets to his feet along with HBK. Taker tosses HBK over the top rope. HBK holds on, grabs Taker by the head using his legs trying to pull him over, Taker holds on, backs up, has HBK up for the Tombstone Piledriver, connects, covers...1...2...HBK again kicks out and Taker literally can't believe it. The electricity in the Reliant Stadium is beyond words right now! Taker gets to his feet, drops the straps and slits the throat signaling for the end.


Taker grabs HBK, lifts him up in the air and HBK counters coming down with a DDT. HBK then pulls himself to the corner, climbs up the top turnbuckle, stands up, jumps and connects with the flying elbow on Taker. HBK then backs up to the corner and starts tuning up the band. HBK pushes forward with Sweet Chin Music and connects! HBK hooks the leg...1...2...Taker gets a shoulder up and the crowd in Houston goes absolutely nuts! Both are locked up on their knees as they stand up. HBK with a big chest chop, Taker with a big right hand, HBK with a chop, Taker with a right hand, HBK with a right hand, Taker with a right hand, another right hand, HBK with a chop, another chop, a third chop and Taker levels HBK with a huge big boot. Taker lifts HBK up, HBK with elbows to Taker, HBK with a chop, another chop, third chop, fourth chop, HBK with a big boot in the corner and Taker is down. HBK is up top, hits a moonsault, but Taker catches him in the air and hits the Tombstone Piledriver! Taker covers HBK...1...2...3. The Undertaker remains undefeated at WrestleMania and is now 17-0! What a match!

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are both laying down trying to recover when Undertaker is the first to sit up. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. We are back live and Undertaker takes a knee as the blue light fills the Reliant Stadium. A "17-0" graphic is displayed across the WrestleMania set as Undertaker looks on.


- A promo for the 2009 WWE Draft on April 13 is shown.

- Evander Holyfield is shown at ringside.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Edge, John Cena and Big Show leading to tonight's World Heavyweight Championship triple threat match

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

Chavo Guerrero was shown wheeling Vickie Guerrero down to the ringside area. An army of men dressed as John Cena walked out first and stood across from each other as Cena made his entrance. They did introductions for challenges The Big Show and John Cena and champion Edge.

The bell rings and John Cena goes after Big Show and Edge. Big Show levels Edge with a clothesline. Cena takes out Edge with a bulldog. Cena attempts flying shoulder on Big Show, but Big Show just stands there and Cena hits him and falls back. Big Show grabs Edge and crotches him over the top rope. Big Show with a headbutt to Edge and big chest chop in the corner. Big Show tosses Edge into Cena who goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Big Show hits Cena with a big boot and Edge rolls away. Big Show stands over Cena's chest with force. Chavo pushes Vickie closer to Edge who is on the outside recovering by the steel steps. Cena hits the ropes and Big Show catches him launching him in the air and Cena crashes hard. Cena tosses Big Show over the top rope to the outside. Edge dropkicks the steel steps into Big Show and Cena follows that up dropping a leg over the back of Big Show's neck on the outside. In the ring, Edge counters an Attitude Adjustment attempt into a spike DDT. Edge covers and Cena gets a shoulder up after a two count. Edge is up top and Cena knocks him off. Big Show is back in and hits Cena with a big side slam, cover and Cena kicks out after two.


Cena with big right hands to Cena. Cena hits the ropes and Chavo trips him up pulling him out. Cena grabs Chavo and hits the Attitude Adjustment on the outside. Cena hits the ring and hits a big shoulder tackle to Big Show who falls back into the ropes and gets caught. Edge hits the ring and Cena takes him out with a side suplex. Big Show is held up in the ropes yelling out. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle on Edge. Vickie is up on the ring apron. Cena attempts an Attitude Adjustment, Edge falls off, charges and spears Vickie off the ring apron. Cena with a rollup and Edge kicks out. Big Show breaks free from the ropes and takes out both Edge and Cena. Big Show with headbutts on Edge and Cena. Big Show clotheslines Cena in the corner and hits a slap to the chest. Big Show does the same to Edge. Big Show with a double splash on Edge and Cena. Big Show grabs Edge and Cena, hits a chokeslam on Edge, Cena breaks free and Big Show knocks out Cena with a big right hand. Big Show follows Edge to the outside and Edge hits a DDT on Big Show. Edge grabs the steel steps and drags them near Big Show. Edge backs up, charges, jumps and spears Big Show through the ring barricade into the crowd!

Edge leaves the area with Big Show and goes after Cena. Edge tosses Cena into the ring, hooks the leg and Cena gets a shoulder up after two. Edge then backs up in the corner and waits for Cena to get to his feet. Cena is up, Edge charges, Cena trips up Edge and locks on the STF. Edge reaches out, Cena breaks the hold and reapplies it. Edge continues to reach out and Big Show grabs Cena by the neck through the ropes to break it up. Big Show headbutts Cena, gets in the ring, Cena falls out, Big Show climbs up to the second rope, attempts a body splash and Edge moves out of the way. Cena is back in, grabs Big Show, attempts a suplex, Big Show holds back, Edge comes in and Edge and Cena suplex Big Show. Edge and Cena stare each other down after doing this and then go after Big Show clotheslining him out of the ring. Edge then clocks Cena with a big boot, covers and Cena kicks out. Cena with a blockbuster on Edge. Cena goes up top, stands high, but Big Show pushes him forward and Edge catches Cena with a Spear! Edge pulls Cena back, hooks the leg and Big Show pulls Edge out chopping him over his chest. Big Show returns to the ring and headbutts Edge. Edge with a big boot on Big Show. Edge now has Big Show's back and applies a sleeper. Cena walks up, lifts up Big Show on his shoulders, Cena now has Edge and Big Show both up, Edge jumps off and Cena hits Big Show with the Attitude Adjustment. Attitude Adjustment on Edge over Big Show. Cena covers Big Show and gets the pinfall!


Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

After the match, John Cena holds up the World Heavyweight Championship as pyro goes off above the ring. Cena leaves the ring and celebrates his title win in the crowd. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Cena is back in the ring and holds up the World Heavyweight Championship one more time. He leaves the ring and poses one last time at ringside and then heads up the ramp.

- A promo for WrestleMania 26 on March 28 in Arizona next year is shown.

- Inductees into the Class of 2009 WWE Hall of Fame take the stage at. This includes Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr., "Cowboy" Bill Watts, Howard Finkel, Koko B. Ware, Kevin Von Erich representing the Von Erich family, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Austin left the stage and came back out on his four wheeler doing a few circles around the ring. Austin then gets in the ring, calls for a few beers and celebrates with the fans in Houston. Austin left the ring and did a beer salute with JR. Lawler said JR drinking should make the rest of the broadcast interesting. JR added, "I'm not driving!" All the announcers called Austin's appearance as a "farewell."


- A promo for WWE Backlash on April 26 airs.

- Attendance tonight in Houston: 72,744.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Triple H and Randy Orton leading to tonight's match for the WWE Championship

WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Before the match, the referee reminded Hunter that if he is counted out and or DQ-ed, he loses the WWE title. Orton went for a kick to the head, but Hunter countered with a pedigree. Moments earlier, Orton hit a RKO, so both men hit their finishing moves in the opening minutes of the match. Hunter grabbed a water bottle from a fan and pour it on his head.

Orton tossed Hunter over the barricade, and the referee started to count. Hunter re-ented the ring at six. A drop kick to head by Orton as Hunter was coming off the ropes. Orton went for the kick again, but Hunter caught him and flipped him out of the ring.

Hunter wanted to hit Orton with a TV monitor, but the referee reminded him if he got DQ-ed, he would drop the belt. Hunter went for a pedigree on the announce table, but Orton countered and flipped Hunter onto the other announce table. Orton DDTed Hunter off the table on the floor, and the referee started to count. Hunter got back into the ring.


Referee bump, followed by an RKO. With the referee down, Orton grabbed a sledgehammer from under the ring. Hunter countered and punted Orton. Hunter nailed Orton with the sledgehammer and hides the evidence.

Referee recovers. Triple H hit the pedigree and wins the match at 23:32 to retain the WWE title.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Triple H

They air a highlight video. End show!!